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5 Awesome Healthcare Careers Revealed

If you think that a career in healthcare is like Scrubs, you are sadly mistaken. Of course, we would all love to have the sass of Carla or the brilliant wit of Doctor Cox. But, that is not the case. When it comes to the healthcare profession, it’s a serious and demanding industry. That is not to say that it is not an enjoyable industry. It can be a great way for people, like you, to help others. If you have a passion for helping people and helping them overcomes serious medical issues, this could be the job for you.

Let’s take a look at five awesome healthcare careers.

1.    Nurse Practitioner

A nurse can ensure that they are overseeing all elements of patient care. They are the go-between between the patient and the doctor. They are at the forefront of medical care with a great deal of emphasis being placed on the care aspect. From diagnosis to medications, a nurse does it all. You will need to have a bachelor’s degree in a nursing related subject. But, there is a clear progression route within a hospital setting. It’s a great job for those that love people.

2.    Nurse Anaesthetist

Getting into the world of anaesthesia can be a little niche. But, it’s a lucrative role to undertake. As a nurse anaesthetist, you will be on the front line of preparing people for surgery and ensuring that they are comfortable before they undergo their operation. This is a highly sought after role. So, you will need to have an advanced level of education. The usual benchmark is a master’s degree that specialises in anesthetist surgery.

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3.    Pharmacist

If you are not keen on being within a hospital setting, and you want a role that is a little more like a nine to five, this could be the perfect job for you. A pharmacist is the person that dispenses the medication. But, that is not all that they do. They provide expertise and medical care to those who come into their pharmacy. They can provide wellness screening and give a broad range of different opinions on the best course of action for your health.

4.    Physician Assistant

A physician assistant can be a demanding role. But, it sure is a lucrative one. If you want to work side by side with doctors and provide robust healthcare to those in a hospital setting, this is the route to go. There are various requirements that are needed before you become a physician assistant. Take a look at the ones associated with your state. Accredited Colorado physician assistant programs are a great course to take. These can ensure that you have the right level of training in place to assist in diagnosing and treating patients.

5.    Podiatrist

If you don’t like feet, you need not apply! This role involves the overall health care of the feet and legs. You will be expected to diagnose, treat issues with the area and perform surgeries that are in relation to foot health care. For those that want a varied, and lucrative, role this can be the ideal route to take.

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