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So, You Want To Be A Security Guard?

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Security guards are well respected, trusted members of society. Their role involves protecting property, personnel and goods from thieves and attackers. It can be a thrill-inducing job, however long periods of inactivity can render it boring at times. Security guards regularly tell us that they experience a strong sense of satisfaction in their job. They perform a vital, trusted duty. When called into action, the sense of satisfaction is second to none.

If you’re still reading, then chances are you have a strong interest in pursuing the career of security. If that’s the case, we’ll lead you into a little more information about the role and what you might encounter. We’ll look at some of the personal skills you need and any qualifications. We’ll give you a complete understanding of what it takes to be a security guard.

The role – The role of a security guard can be quite varied depending on the industry. The first, and obvious, choice is to work for a security guard company in the UK. These would typically patrol and monitor factories or property. It may involve taking control of dogs. In general, these are night shifts but of course this can vary. On the other hand, you have the high profile challenges of personnel security. This could involve being a bodyguard for celebrities or state officials. This comes with its own unique set of challenges. In between you have everything from airport security to nightclub bouncers.

Personal skills – The first thing you need as a security guard is a general level of fitness. Some strength and presence is often required, but not essential. The ability to be on your feet all day and react to crises is important. You’ll need a key eye for surveillance and understand how to spot potential trouble before it happens. It’s also important to have the confidence and initiative to act fast when trouble presents itself. Finally, you’ll be honest and professional at all times.

Job specifics – As a security guard, you’ll need to be prepared to work unsociable hours. Of course, this depends on the type of role you choose. Surveillance roles and nightclub bouncers typically work throughout the night. Most will work weekends with some shifts extending to twelve hours. It’s not the best choice for parents unfortunately. The starting salary for a security guard is fairly low but there is plenty of room for development. Security detail for high profile personnel is very well paid.

Qualifications – Like most jobs, security guards require a base level qualification. School grades and degrees aren’t so important here. However, you will need to complete an SIA qualification. Qualifications vary from state to state and country to country so be sure to check the relevant tests. In general, they teach and test your understanding of the law. They teach you how to deal with and resolve conflict. You’ll also learn communications skills, first aid and fire safety.

If you still feel excited about the prospect of becoming a security guard, then congratulations! You may have just found your next career move. We’re sure you have a bright and exciting career ahead. Best of luck.


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