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Top Tips on Beginning Your Dream Career as a Midwife

Working as a midwife can be an amazing thing. Midwives help pregnant women through the entire process of pregnancy, from early on right up to the delivery. They provide care for the mother and the baby. Not only does a midwife help to deliver the child and give both parent and child care, they help to guide them through the experience emotionally. It can be a very rewarding, emotional job. If you want to make a difference, there’s no better career than midwifery! Here are some tips so you can start reaching your career goals:

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Know Your Role

If you’re set on becoming a midwife, it’s essential you know your role inside out. You will have the following responsibilities if you’re lucky enough to get a job:

  • Look at the health of the mother and her unborn child all throughout the pregnancy.

  • Give advice to the mother on how to look after herself and the baby.

  • Talk to the mother about her options when it comes to delivery, and help her to feel confident in the decisions she makes.

  • Help the mother and the child through the labour and delivery wearing your best scrubs brand.

Different states vary on what they actually let midwives do, so you need to be aware of the particular rules for your state. Some states don’t let midwives practice at all – shocking, but true.

Getting the Experience

If you’ve decided that this career is for you, you need the right experience. Start off by getting a bachelor’s degree, then an undergraduate degree. You’ll need knowledge and qualifications in the following things:

You’ll also need to work with midwives to get experience, so try to secure yourself an internship, or try volunteering. You may also like to speak to midwives and ask them what steps they took to become successful.

When you’ve done all of the above, it’s time to apply to a midwifery graduate program. Each one will be different, so you’ll need to find a program that’s perfect for you. Most of the midwives working in the US today are Certified Nurse Midwives, as they are allowed to practice in all 50 states. You can become a midwife without being a nurse, but you’ll be limited to where you can work and what you can do.

Read plenty of books on this career and make sure your passion shines through. Your personality should match that of a successful midwife.

Afterwards, it’s time to pass the national certifying exam, given by the AMCB. You must pass this in most countries to practice midwifery properly.

Secure a Job

When you have all of the experience and qualifications necessary, you can carry out a job hunt. Apply at hospitals, clinics, and birthing centres. If you have the ambition, you may even want to set up your own private practice.

If this sounds too much for you but you’d love to work in the medical industry, you do have more options without the amount of qualifications. Check them out here. Thanks for reading!

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