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Tools of the Trade: How to Make it Big in the Roofing Industry

Whatever way you want to look at it, you need a roof. Everyone has a home. This means that they need a roofing company to assist them with the maintenance of their home. This can be a somewhat recession proof business. In the world of tradesmen, it is paramount that essential services can be supplied when it comes to issues of home maintenance.

The world of roofing is not for the faint hearted. If you don’t like heights, this is not a career for you. But, if you like to work outdoors and you have a knack for customer service; this could be the job for you.

Here is how you can make your roofing business a resounding success.

HA0436. July 08. Construction of Hindhead Tunnel, Devils Punchbowl, Hindhead, SurreyThis image has been sourced from Flickr

The Key Areas

For some a roof is just a roof. But, in reality, it is so much more than that. A roof is the mainstay of the home. Let’s face it, you cannot do without one. It’s not like a patio or decking. For those who want to make it big in the roofing industry, you will need to think about the key areas that you want to go into. Do you want to sell new roofs to homeowners? Or, do you want to be involved in the maintenance side?

Whatever route you pick, you need to make sure that you are au fait with the various chemicals that are used in this trade. There is a wide range of courses that you can take. A basic entry-level chemistry course is paramount. It will ensure that you are aware of the dangers and advantages of various roofing chemicals.

A basic first aid course will stand you good stead too. After all, working at height means that you need to be aware of the perilous nature of roofing.


Love it or loathe it, you need insurance. Insurance is the lifeblood of any successful venture. Public liability is a must for any company that is working with the general public. Roofers insurance is a must too. Specialist insurance is essential. This is for ensuring that you are covered for any eventuality when it comes to roofing. A generalised insurance will not be enough in this industry.

Once you have all of the relevant qualifications and insurance policies, it’s time to become a kick-ass roofer.


Setting up your own business can be difficult but once you have all of the tools of the trade you are in a great place to begin trading. Marketing your company is essential. You can use both online and offline forms of marketing to get you started.

Social media are free. Set up a business page on Google Plus, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Network, make friends and share content. Generate buzz around your product online. This will ensure that you are ranking high in Google too.

Flyers, pamphlets, posters and business cards should be used too. While offline material can be costly, it can ensure that you are spreading the word in your local community. Leave your business cards everywhere. Pubs, libraries and hair salons are the best place to start.

The world of roofing can be lucrative. Now, you have everything you need to get started. Use these tips for maximum success in your new roofing venture.

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