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Thinking About a Career in Construction? Read This

With the current economic downturn, the construction industry has taken something of a hit of late. With the bust must come the boom. Once the economy has recovered the construction industry will see a resurgence once more. That is why it is important to learn your trade now, so that it can be utilised in the future.

Deciding to embark on a career in construction is a bold one. The construction industry is crying out for talented individuals who can make a brilliant impact. That individual could be you.

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Once you have completed your course in construction, the path to promotion can be both lucrative and rewarding. Construction managers are highly skilled professionals that can command a huge yearly salary. A career in construction can be viable. This will require you to work hard and undertake the necessary qualifications.

A construction class can be undertaken at a local college. The course usually lasts for two years. The course will provide you with all the necessary knowledge that you need to know to work within the construction industry. As with all manual jobs, learning from a textbook is not enough. You will need to go on an apprenticeship and work on a construction site so that you can learn more about how the industry. Furthermore, you will be able to learn from qualified professionals so that you hone your craft further.

As a construction worker, you will be able to work Monday to Friday, 9-5. This thought can be rather appealing for those that do not want to work weekends.

Site work can be dependent on weather conditions. You may be told that you will not be able to work in inclement weather as it can be perilous for those on site. Some equipment, like bucket trucks and cherry pickers should not be used in some weather conditions. Bucket truck sales advisors will be able to assist you with this query.

To work within the industry, and to progress with your chosen construction firm, you may want to consider obtaining a degree. This will enable you to work in construction management. You should endeavour to learn more about IT, economics and engineering so that it stands you in good stead for your new career path. Project management skills are important too, although these can be learned over time.

A good construction worker should be able to utilise the following skills:

  • You should have excellent people skills

  • You should have an ability to work with all different kinds of people

  • You need to have effective communication skills

  • You need to adopt a creative approach to problem solving

  • You will need to be motivated

  • You will need to have excellent planning skills

  • You need to be an organised individual that can keep to restrictive deadlines

  • You need to be responsible and be able to execute decisions

  • You will need to be aware of the many health and safety laws that are applicable to work sites

In short, you need to be a well rounded, and well educated, person to work in the construction trade

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