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Do You Have What it Takes to Turn Acting into a Career?

8094737104_41f7eaa90d_zTim Green

If you have a flare for the dramatic and love everything from soap operas to stage operas, you might have considered becoming an actor. People often think of actors as being high-profile celebrities, but there are many ways you can act as a career. Acting doesn’t have to be all about Hollywood movies or being on TV every day. Many people act as a full-time career without being a household name. They do this not through lack of talent but because of the acting they choose to do. If you want to be an actor, you need to think about what sort of acting you want to do and whether you want it to be your main job. A lot of people act as a sideline, either through necessity or because they’re content to save it as a hobby and source of extra income.

Qualifications and Experience

Actors aren’t usually required to have any qualifications, even across different areas. It’s experience that’s the most important, and being able to show your skills in showreels and auditions. However, attending stage school or gaining drama qualifications can help by helping you to hone your craft. Stage school is especially helpful. You can form important contacts and have a shot at some great opportunities. Places are very difficult to come by, however and only suitable for people who come to acting earlier in life. Adults who are interested in acting often get involved through amateur theatre or perhaps doing some extra work.

Extra Work

Do you enjoy the thought of being on camera and getting a chance to meet big stars, but don’t need to be directly in the spotlight? You might enjoy working as an extra. Extras are the people who provide background bodies for scenes in TV and films. They might have a line or two on occasion, but often they stand or walk around, making sure a scene doesn’t look devoid of life. It’s possible to do extra work as a full-time career, though many people do it as a casual job. Usually, it involves working as a freelancer. You sign up with one or more agencies that provide extras, who will contact you if they have a job for you. If you can make yourself stand out from the crowd, extra work could lead to some important contracts and bigger roles.

Representation and Auditions

If you want to go for some more serious acting roles, it’s a good idea to find yourself an agent. With some acting experience under your belt, your agent can help you to get auditions. You need to be able to showcase your abilities. You should have a showreel and headshots at the very least. Although they don’t have to be from a Los Angeles headshot photographer.

Whether you want to act in theatre, movies, TV or even radio, remember that an acting career doesn’t happen overnight. It could take years to build and you’re likely to be doing it on the side for a while. If you can, start while you’re young, so you have longer to learn the tricks of the trade.

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