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What is the role of a threat analysis officer?

If you currently work in Information Technology (IT) and want a change of role, of if you are looking for an interesting career in IT, the role of a threat analysis officer may just be for you. This role is all about cyber security and analysing the risks that a business may be leaving itself open to. It can be an exciting, interesting and testing role.

As with any job in IT, you need to make sure you have the right skills and qualifications if your aim is to work in threat analysis. Take a look at this link to see what training courses are available to you. We are going to take a look at what sort of work you would do as a threat analysis officer and what the benefits are.

What sort of work does a threat analysis officer do?

The main aspect of a threat analysis role is the use of intelligence. Sometimes there are negative connotations attached to the word intelligence, as it has been so often associated with areas such as spying, but in this case it is all about protection. If you have a role as a threat analysis officer you are tasked with protecting the IT systems of a business. You have to establish what threats exist and advise the business on how best to extinguish them.

Your job is to examine the IT systems of a business, and to analyse the data you obtain, in order to establish areas of weakness where there is a risk of security being compromised. In a world where digital security is very high on the agenda of any business you can see how important the role of a threat analysis officer is.

The benefits of working in threat analysis

One of the main benefits of working in threat analysis is that it is a really interesting role. Although the technical skills required to complete each job are the same, the jobs themselves can be very different. It can be a challenge to investigate and analyse threats to a variety of IT systems.

Another obvious benefit of a career in threat analysis is that there will always be requirement for high quality experts in the role. Businesses want to make sure their IT systems are protected and that will never change. The threat analysis role also attracts a good salary so if you choose it as a career you can be sure of being well rewarded for your talents and expertise.

If you are looking for an IT role that offers something a little different you may find it as a threat analysis officer; it’s part IT expert part investigator. You get to use your technical expertise in a variety of different situations, testing out the security of IT systems and suggesting ways to resolve any risks. The role of threat analysis is rewarding both from the point of personal satisfaction and from the aspect of salary level.

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