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What You Need To Think About For A Job Interview


Job interviews are the adult equivalent of a school exam. There is the pressure to do well and the worry of what happens if you fail to impress or succeed. We build them up in our heads the same way until they are just a wall that seems impossible to climb. You may not even sleep the night before and in the morning you will look groggy and feel unrested. We need to change all these things so that you can ace your next interview and claim your dream career.

The Night Before

The night before an interview is mainly just time to relax and put your feet up. You can do a little planning and preparation such as getting someone you live with to ask you the questions that you think will come up. However, as the evening winds down you need to rest your mind and let it go blank. If it helps, you can do some exercise either at the gym or in your own home. This will give you the best chance of a good sleep. If you have problems sleeping before an interview, try having a warm drink before you go to bed and switching off all electronic equipment in your room.

In The Morning

When you wake up, hopefully, you will feel refreshed but we still recommend splashing your face with cool water to get yourself alert. Also, have a drink of coffee and start firing up those brain cells. You can now begin to start thinking about the task ahead and going over questions in your mind. Make sure you have a good breakfast and do not build up stress through road rage on your way to the interview location.

When You First Arrive

Your arrival is important because it is the employer’s first impression of you so make sure you look your best. Check your appearance in a mirror or the glass door of the building and remember to smile, being polite to whoever greets you. Shake your employer’s hand firmly and make good eye contact as this will show you have confidence.

During The Interview

During the interview, maintaining eye contact is still the best way to display confidence and try not to fidget. If this is a common problem for you, keep your hands clasped together but do not fold your arms. It will give the appearance you are not open to new ideas or experiences.

Displaying confidence is a good start, but obviously you need to say the right things. Talking about your skills is effective. It is fantastic to be able to say you have taken a senior first aid course, but it would be far more impressive to show how you have used it. You can talk about how you improved your previous workplace to make it safe or an actual time you helped save someone’s life. Where possible you should always try to give examples of your skills in action.

Before You Say Goodbye

The end of your interview is your final chance to make a lasting impression, and it is usually the time you get to ask questions. Do not refuse this opportunity. Asking questions about the company shows interest and again, confidence that you will get the job. You should also be thinking about questions that may make the employer think you have ways to improve their business such as: “Do you utilise free online marketing?”

Taking these steps is a fantastic plan for getting yourself hired.

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