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Are You Looking For A Manual And Rewarding Career? Check This Out

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Many people are not cut out to spend their days working in offices. They prefer to work out in the open air or travel from job to job, making each day different and providing an endless variety in their working day.

If you are about to leave school and embark a career, or even if you are looking to change your existing one, read on. There are some great jobs waiting for you that you will find rewarding and enjoyable. Here are a few for you to consider.



There is a lot more to being a plumber than most people think. Starting with the building water supply right through the system to the drainage, there is much for a plumber to do. It is a creative profession and pipes must be laid, bent, and fixed all over the building. Often their handiwork is concealed behind boxing or under floorboards but it is performing an essential function. It isn’t only houses that need plumbing; heavy industrial plants rely on water supplies too so you can expect to find yourself in lots of different situations during your working day.



Just as with plumbers, electricians must be good at working with their hands. Most countries require industry recognised qualifications for this career as there is much more at stake than loss or damage to property when working with electricity. To pass the exams to become a qualified electrician, you will need to be good at mathematics because much of the training is dedicated to that. You will learn all about electricity from how it is generated to its uses. Electricians tend to work in distinct fields, here are a couple of them.

  • Maintenance electrician. Here you will work in commercial or industrial surroundings where your job is to keep the building or production line running. You will gain experience in machinery and plant repair.

  • Installation. An installation electrician will complete the wiring to new buildings, add to existing ones, or rewire them completely. Working in installation is possibly the most physically demanding role.

An electrical apprenticeship, such as those undergone by the staff at Electric Express, will span at least four years during which time you will gain valuable experience in all forms of electrical work.



Unlike many other trades, there is no formal qualification requirements to be a carpenter. Of course, finding work without them may be difficult as employers are selective. Carpentry is hard work and used on every construction site all over the world, so good carpenters will always find work. You will need to carry out first and second fixes in commercial, industrial, and domestic buildings as required.

All of the above trades have a basic working week of thirty-seven hours. You may be required to join a union at your place of work. It is advisable, to protect your working conditions should any unscrupulous employers seek to take unfair advantage.

Once someone has worked as a tradesman, it is difficult to make the switch to working in an office. The two occupations are vastly different; one full of banter and the other full of political correctness. I wonder if you can guess which is which?

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