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Killer Careers for People Persons

Not everyone wants to work with other people. In fact, some would be happy working in a lighthouse on a remote island. But while it’s difficult to find a job where you don’t have to deal with others, you’re in luck if you’re a people person. Outgoing people who enjoy being with others have an enormous variety of careers to choose from, which range from medical roles to retail. You’re sure to find something that’s suitable for you, whether you enjoy caring for people or only helping them to do their shopping. You can do almost anything if you have a knack for getting along with others. And if you build excellent leadership skills you can reach some high-flying careers with great salaries. Here are some jobs you might want to consider if you love working with people.


There are many different types of lawyer, but all of them involve working with others. You’ll work with other attorney and clients, in advisory positions, drawing up documents and perhaps working in court. Whether you work with businesses or the general public, you need to be able to communicate effectively. People need to see you as a trustworthy and reliable professional. Your people skills are paramount for this career but don’t forget that you need the book smarts too.


If you think you have an excellent bedside manner, training as a physician is another path to working with others. Whether you work in a hospital or a private practice, you need to be able to get along with both colleagues and patients. Not only do you need to enjoy communicating with people, but you should be compassionate, friendly and able to explain medical terms in clear language.

Marketing Manager



Perhaps you’re more interested in business than in public services. Creative people will love jobs in marketing, where you can use your imagination and work with a team. If you think you have the leadership skills to manage a team, working your way through the ranks to become a marketing manager could be ideal for you. This high-paying position gives you the chance to use a range of skills, including giving presentations and delegating tasks.

Shop Assistant

Anyone who loves shopping will enjoy sharing their passion as a retail assistant. Although customers can be difficult to deal with at times, you can do the job well with the right skills and personality. As well as working the shop floor, you might also be serving people at the till. Before looking for retail jobs, you can read a list of cashier duties, responsibilities, and resume job description to make sure that the career is for you.


If you prefer children and teenagers to adults, teaching in a school is a better option. Of course, you still have to work with other teachers and staff members, but much of your day will be spent with kids. You can teach teenagers in particular subjects or take a class on younger children in a range of topics and essential life skills.


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