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How To Kickstart Your Career In Gaming

How To Kickstart Your Career In Gaming


Have you been stuck in the same old boring unskilled jobs for most of your working life? Then perhaps it could be time you started thinking outside of the box and re-training in an industry that truly offers the best opportunities. Not only will becoming a game developer allow you to enjoy your work, but it will also vastly increase your salary and allow you to earn money from home a lot of the time. You see; while it might take a while to get qualified, once your courses have been completed, you’ll actually have a desirable skill that employers want for once. Believe me when I tell you, that is a good feeling.

The article you’re reading at the moment has been written with the express intention of laying a simple path for you to follow. There are obviously many different ways of becoming a professional game developer, but the one included below is by far the simplest. With that in mind, I won’t spend any more time on long introductions, as we’re now ready to get stuck in…

Research The Industry

Regardless of any preconceptions you may have about game design, it’s vital that you first research the industry thoroughly before ploughing ahead and starting your training. This is for a few reasons, but mainly it relates to the fact that you need to understand what the day to day realities of being a game designer might be. It’s far less glamorous than you might imagine, and while it is cool to see the completed product, there’s a lot of hard work that needs to be done first. HTML5 game development usually involves a lot of coding, and you need to be comfortable with that.

Go To University

There are some basic college courses you might like to apply for, but most of them only give you the basics of game design, and so it’s much more sensible to enroll at university and get a degree. Most higher education courses like this last for around three years, but in the end, you’ll be ready to find work with a reputable game design company. Alternatively, you can do courses like this from home using a service similar to the open university, but in most circumstances, people find this very difficult without other students and lecturers on hand to offer advice. Still, if you simply can’t commit to a full time course because of family and financial responsibilities, that could be the perfect solution.

Find A Good Job

Since higher education establishments have started taking game design seriously and teaching it as part of their syllabus, thousands of people all over the country have been getting qualified over the last ten years. As a result of this, there have been lots of specialist gaming job websites set up, so finding work shouldn’t be as difficult as you might imagine. Just make sure you’re willing to relocate though, as the chances of a good company being based anywhere near your home are pretty slim indeed.

Well, my creative friends, now you know how to kickstart your career in gaming, I hope to see you moving in the right direction at some point over the next few months. Remember, most university courses start in September, so you haven’t got long to make the arrangements.

Good luck!


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