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A Guide to Being a Brilliant Estate Agent

If you’re an estate agent but don’t feel as if you’re excelling in your job, then it sounds like it’s time for you to take the steps to becoming a brilliant estate agent! Even if you’re fairly new to the industry and would just like to step up your game, this post can help you. Some of the points might seem fairly obvious, but I promise that you’ll improve if you use them. Read on to find out how to be a brilliant estate agent:


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Make Sure You Call Customers Back

As an estate agency is a business designed to serve customers, the best thing you can do is take good care of your customers. Whether your customers are corporate or individual, you need to offer them the best service. Return every single phone call as soon as you possibly can. This will set you apart from the rest.

Keep Your Clients Updated at All Times

Customers don’t like being left in the lurch. Although you might not feel you’re leaving them in the lurch as you updated them last week, they might think you’ve forgotten about them if you leave it too long to report anything. Even if you just give them a quick call or leave them a voicemail to say that there’s nothing to report and things are still going to plan, it’s better than nothing. This will build trust between you and your clients and they’re more likely to listen to you. There are estate agents in Stratford that know how important this is.

Coach Your Staff

Your staff need to be coached and trained so that they can serve clients exactly as you would. If you know that you currently offer the best service to customers, you aren’t coaching your staff enough. Make sure they benefit from your experience too. You can then delegate important tasks to staff and trust them to do it properly. Staff training should be a priority.

Ask for Feedback

Ask for feedback, either in the form of a short paragraph or a filled out questionnaire, from every customer you deal with. You may find yourself with some powerful comments to use as a testimonial, or something to look at and help you to improve. Either way, feedback is valuable. You may even find some things out about the way your staff work that you didn’t know!

Make Sure Everything Looks Smart

You won’t believe the amount of estate agents that have scruffy looking offices, battered vehicles, and a dirty shop front. You may have the best service in the world, but the visual appeal matters too. You should take pride in the way you come across to people, after all; this is your brand that you’re trying to build. Keep a clean car, tidy your shop front, smarten up the interior, and anything else you can do to spruce up your image.

If you can become serious about always staying on top of the tips in this guide, you’ll make a huge impact on your company. Customers will return to you, and you’ll be known as a brilliant estate agent!


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