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Your Guide to Becoming an Estate Agent

Does walking around other people’s houses, getting to see all kinds of properties and helping people to find their dream homes sound like your kind of thing? If you’re thrilled by the idea of selling a house or handing over a set of keys to a new family, then being an estate agent could be for you. It’s not just showing people around properties. You need to know about local house prices and be able to negotiate between buyers and sellers.


There are qualifications that you can gain to help you if your ambition is to become an estate agent. If you already have a job as an estate agent, you can also gain qualifications that will improve your skills and performance. Some estate agents are qualified as building surveyors. Although this isn’t necessary it could improve your prospects. However, while you can take qualifications in the subject, they aren’t always necessary. Estate agents up and down the country, including estate agents in West Wickham, are often more interested in the experience and skills you can demonstrate. Estate agents are often offered full training in their new job, but a background in sales can help. Having a driving licence is one qualification that will help you greatly, so you can get out and meet clients.


To be an estate agent you should have strong sales and negotiation skills. If you don’t have any experience in sales, you should still be able to show that you have the relevant skills in another way. You should be able to show that you have excellent written and verbal communication skills. As well as being personable with good business sense, an interest in the property market is a big plus. You’ll also need basic computer skills for when you’re in the office, and you should be able to work under pressure and meet sales targets.


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Where to Start

You might benefit from first having had experience in another area of sales. This could be retail, telemarketing or any number of other careers. Being able to show that you can meet targets and make a sale with a friendly face and a calm demeanor would be beneficial. If you don’t have any experience in sales and don’t want to gain any in another industry, look for apprenticeships. You might also be able to start as an administrator in an estate agency, working your way up the career ladder.

Being an estate agent will usually mean learning on the job. You can gain qualifications from the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP) to prove your newfound skills. As you learn, you can get Level 3 Certificates in subjects such as Sale of Residential Property. Then, as a more experienced estate agent, you can move on to Level 4 Certificates in topics such as Residential Estate Agency. The career provides opportunities for development and advancement, and you could be a manager in no time.

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