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Have You Got What It Takes to Become a Nurse?

According to the World Health Organisation there are around 20 million nurses in the world. Often referred to as one of the most rewarding professions, there is also a constant demand for new nurses as the world’s population increases, grows older and illnesses continue to persevere. There are many benefits to being a nurse but it’s also a demanding job with its ups and downs. Anyone thinking about becoming a nurse should consider all aspects of the career and if it’s right for them before jumping in.


Can You Handle The Training?

In most instances nowadays, becoming a nurse involves doing a degree. Whether you’ve just finished school or are looking for a career change, completing a pre-registration degree is essential to become a registered nurse. These courses involve a mixture of academic and practical learning. Plenty of time is spent in hospitals and on practical placements but also in lectures, seminars, writing essays and giving presentations. There are degrees that specialise in specific types of nursing, such as midwifery, while others allow specialisation later on or when qualified. Full or part-time courses are available, so learning and training can fit around another job.

Will You Be Able To Put It Into Practice?

Different strands of nursing will require slightly different skills, such as the differences between working with children and the elderly, but the core demands are the same. These include having great people and communication skills, as nurses work with a huge variety of patients from all walks of life. Compassion is vital, as is patience when dealing with difficult situations. It can be a highly stressful and busy environment, so keeping calm and being able to maintain a high standard under pressure are necessary to succeed in nursing.

Are The Rewards Right?

Nursing is a very flexible profession, with the ability to work night and day shifts as well as qualifications being recognised in most countries across the globe. Once qualified, agencies such as Nursing Personnel are a great source to help find your first job. Aside from the financial benefits, nursing rewards range from personal fulfilment, travel and career advancement opportunities, and a job that truly is different every day. There will of course be tough moments but the best nurses battle through these and enjoy the rewards at the end.

If you think you possess the right skills (and are willing to work hard to develop them further) and are searching for a noble, helpful career then give nursing a try.


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