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Could You Go Back To School To Study Law?

If you are the type of person who is always wondering if you could have made it in a different career, take heart. You are not alone. Most of us at some point have regrets about our early career paths steering us away from where we had hoped we would be. But is it too late? That may depend on your circumstances.

Going back to school will be costly and take many years of extra work on top of your existing job. However, what cost to follow your dreams? If you wish you had taken a different pathway back when, maybe it isn’t too late. If you feel you could take on the extra study and the possibility of starting back at the bottom, pursue your dreams and give yourself that second chance you deserve.

Most have us have used solicitors or lawyers at some point, and seen them drive up in their fancy executive cars wearing their designer suits. We’ve all wished we could be earning the kind of fee they command too. If you can see yourself in their fancy shoes, there are many career paths you could take. All of them involve lots of extra study and exams, but the opportunity to earn the sort of money a lawyer charges could be worth the hard work.

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Family lawyers manage divorces and child custody battles, but there are plenty of positive parts to the work. Being able to support a family and help them reach agreement at difficult times can be enormously rewarding. This area of the law can be affected periodically by the government, but generally this is a slower-paced area of the law.

Motoring law is an area few solicitor firms are specializing in, but is one that is becoming very mainstream. Most of us drive, and there are laws that govern what we are allowed to do whilst in charge of a vehicle. Drink driving solicitors cover all areas of motoring that may be a cause for police or legal intervention. They may also help handle insurance issues.

Employment lawyers are specialists in human resources issues but may be part of a large corporate law firm rather than a stand-alone service. This area of the law does frequently change  so is a specialism best suited to someone who likes to keep on top of regulation and government bills. At the end of the day, these solicitors are working for people in the workplace. They may need to be more sensitive to the human side of things rather than just being administrative in nature.

Criminal law is a vast area of the legal system and may require you to work with people in difficult personal circumstances. Your own feelings about the crimes and victims may have to be put aside for you to be effective at your job. Sensitivities are unlikely to welcome in this are of the law. Working for a firm that is involved in criminal law is the best way to get lots of experience in a variety of cases.

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