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Getting a Job in Law: What You Need to Know

If you’re a student looking to do a law degree, then being well informed on the whole process is very important. You might be similar to many budding law students today; naive and full of false expectations. Just to make sure, read this post so you’re fully aware of what being a law student is truly like:


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You’ll Be Stereotyped all the Time

As a law student or employee in a legal establishment, you’ll be often stereotyped. People will say things to you such as ‘you can help me one day when I get in trouble’, ‘You’re heartless for defending somebody you know is guilty’, and more! Think of good responses to these comments now.

Law Books Cost a Pretty Penny

The ‘essential’ textbook list is very expensive – try not to be too shocked when you get to the till and the amount is in 3 figures. It’s important that you’re conservative with your money if you want to get into this career, as there will be a lot of books to buy.

It’s Intense

Think of law school as cutthroat and competitive as the program ‘The Apprentice’. You’re all competing against each other to get the best grades, and you’ll probably come across some people who do everything they can for their own personal gain, even if it affects others negatively.

You Won’t Have Time to Think About Much Else

Your life will literally revolve around your lectures and seminars. You’ll need to put a lot of effort into these lectures and seminars in order to get to where you want to be, especially if you want to work somewhere like!

Everyone Will Want Free Legal Advice

Your friends and family will likely inundate you with questions as they’ll assume you’re one big bucket full of law knowledge just waiting to be used by them. It will probably be stupid questions too, such as ‘how can I get out of my mobile phone contract early?’. Even if you do decide to give somebody legal advice, add disclaimers to protect yourself.

You’ll Read… A LOT

You know those unrealistic films where students spend all day and night in the library? Well, when it comes to getting a job in law, this isn’t so unrealistic. There’s a bomb load of reading to get through, so you’ll need to be prepared to study long and hard.

Career Opportunities

Of course law is a well respected degree, you already know that. However, some prospects aren’t as good as universities will tell you. Some law firms are reducing the amount of training contracts they’re handing out, and even if you do manage to get one; this doesn’t guarantee you a lot of money. People have this notion that all people who work in law are loaded, but the truth is quite different.

Has this post opened your eyes? If you still feel like you want to get a job in law after this, then go ahead and get your degree – it’s perfect for you! However, if you now have an impending sense of doom, then this career may not be for you. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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