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How to Get a Job in a Church

If you feel strongly about god and feel interested in working for the church, then there are a few ways you can go about getting a job. Much of your work for the church will be selfless with no reward. As you are spreading the word of god and teaching religion to other people, you should be pleased that you are able to do this every day. Many churches are crying out for people to work for them, as the number of young people wanting a job there is decreasing. This guide will help you to get a job in a church:


The first thing you can do without having any qualifications is volunteer. Providing you feel strongly about religion and want to spread the word to other people, you should be accepted. You may volunteer to give out leaflets, take donations, or something else altogether. This is a very selfless way to get involved with the church as you won’t be paid. You will feel a great sense of satisfaction doing this.

Do Religious Studies

If you want a paid job in the church, you should do religious studies. The earlier you start, the better. Learn about different religions and respect them, but remain true to your own. Get as many relevant qualifications as you can. You may also want to do work and research at home, using tools such as spiritual gifts inventory by PeopleKeys, for example.

Train in the Department of Pastoral Training

If you want to be a pastor in the church, you must train in the department of pastoral training. You will then get the qualifications you need to lead church services and speak in front of a congregation.

Get Ordained

Once you have the knowledge, you need to get ordained. You will then be suitable to perform ceremonies of all kinds in the church.

Become a Local Preacher

If you don’t want to become a pastor, but you would like to spread the word of god, you can always become a local preacher. You will spread the word of god in public this way, to anybody who will listen. You may also hand out booklets and leaflets.

Check Specialist Church Websites

There are special websites online that concentrate on jobs in churches. Search those to see if any of them are suitable for you.

Search Job Websites

Regular job websites can have church vacancies on them too. Check every website you find to see if there are any suitable jobs. If you feel that working in a church is your calling and there are no vacancies in your area, you may want to travel or move for work.

Negotiate Terms of Employment

When you have a job in the church, you may be able to negotiate your terms of employment. This may include hours and pay. You won’t get paid much, but you will get a lot of job satisfaction from spreading the word of god and doing what you love.

There are many other jobs available to you if you decide that the church isn’t the right environment for you. Good luck!

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