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Get Your Dream Job as an IT Manager: Step By Step

An IT manager is the person who is in charge of the IT department. This person is usually responsible for hiring new IT department recruits, and of course taking care of the requirements of a company’s IT systems. This guide will talk you through the role of an IT manager and how you can get your dream job in this field:

Your Duties as an IT Manager

As an IT manager you’ll have many duties to attend to on the job. As previously mentioned, you’ll more than likely be responsible for the hiring of new recruits when it comes to the IT department. Here are some more duties you can expect to be responsible for:

  • Plan and organise a company’s IT systems and make them more effective.

  • Develop new policies and procedures for an IT department.

  • Keep your knowledge up to date with what’s going on in the IT industry.

  • Meet with managers to discuss requirements and other important aspects of the IT equipment.

  • Manage the IT budget.

  • Provide a high level of customer service.

  • Manage staff in the IT department.

Education Requirements

To get a job as an IT manager, you’ll be required to have a certain level of education. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree or diploma in a subject such as computer science or computer engineering. Some employers may have a strict rule that they only hire employees with a master’s degree. Others might ignore this, and go for those who have the most experience and skills. Providing you have the skills needed to perform well in this role, you should be able to find a job as an IT manager.

Experience Requirements

You don’t always need a lot of experience to become an IT manager. For instance, you could apply for a job at a small startup company, and as their business grows you would grow along with them. You may need experience if you want to work in a large company, as you’ll need to feel confident working with and training plenty of other staff members.

Bear in mind that it’s fairly simple to get a job as an IT manager if you stay in one place. Get plenty of experience in one place, and you’ll be more likely to work your way up the ladder. If you change from job to job, it might take you a lot longer.

Step by Step

  • Get a degree and learn the skills you need in an appropriate subject. You may also want to get something like a Salesforce certification to strengthen any applications you make.

  • Apply for jobs and work your way up the ladder once you get a role.

  • Show that you can communicate well, offer fantastic customer service, and manage large groups of people. This should be at the same time as making IT procedures and systems more effective.

There you have it! Becoming an IT manager isn’t so hard after all. The best thing you can do if you want to be a successful IT manager is make sure you listen to your staff. Hear your staff out and show them that you take them seriously. Good luck!

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