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Five Things Recruitment Companies Look for in a Candidate

Have you been searching for a job for too long only to come up empty? Thankfully, there are plenty of recruitment companies who work for some of the best businesses in order to locate the top candidates for job openings.

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If you’re tired of having to do all of the job hunting yourself and you’d like the assistance of a professional recruiter who can help you land a lucrative job, continue reading for a few things that recruitment companies look for in job candidates. By following the tips below, you’ll be able to increase the odds that you’ll finally land that dream job.

A Well Written CV

A great CV is basically the best first impression that you can make when it comes to working with a recruitment company. Because you’ll often first contact a recruitment agency by email, via their website, or by phone, you won’t be able to show them your whole personality by speaking directly with them in person. Instead, your CV will be the blueprint that they use to figure out who you are, where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and if they want to get to know you better in order to place you with one of the businesses they work for. Therefore, take the time to write up a stellar CV, making sure you include only the most relevant information in the appropriate format.


If you’re called into a recruitment company for purposes of meeting an agent in person for an interview and to perhaps even take some tests to find out where your skills lie, make it a point to be on time or about 15 minutes early. Treat this as you would any other job interview by being punctual. If you aren’t punctual for this meeting, a recruitment agent will be sceptical that you can arrive at a job on time.

A Clean, Professional Appearance

In addition to being on time for your interview with the recruitment agency, you also want to look your best. Put on professional clothing. Make sure your hair is clean and styled, wear some jewellery (but not too much), and put your best face forward so you can prove that you’re ready for a serious position with a serious company.

Be Honest About Your Skills

When it comes to what’s on your CV and what you say during your interview with a recruitment agent, honesty is key. After all, if you state that you can do things that you really can’t do, you won’t make a great impression on an employer, and you put the recruitment agency in a bad position of appearing as though they can’t properly place candidates. So be honest about your skills and your limitations so the recruiter can make the best match.

Understand What Recruiters and Employers Are Looking For

By understanding what employers are looking for, you can understand why these recruitment agencies are hired in the first place. Check out sites like for more information on what recruiters are doing to hire the best candidates so you can follow suit.

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