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Five Interview Questions And Answers To Help You Get The Job You Want

You may have seen something similar to this elsewhere on the web; it is full of interview tips, potential interview questions and tips on getting through an interview.

This guide goes one better on the above as it will provide you with some hints and tips on exactly how you should answer the potential questions, enabling you to be yourself in the process.

There is one important element which you should always consider when being interviewed, and that is to remember that it is not just about what you say, but in how you say it. Some interviewees may say the right thing but deliver it in completely the wrong way; other people do it visa versa.


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So, what kinds of questions are generally asked during  an interview and how should you answer them?

Question 1 – Tell me about yourself

This is probably the first question that you will get asked. The simple thing to remember here is that first impressions last, so you must answer this with confidence. Try and keep it short and sweet though, maybe talk for a couple of minutes and be yourself.

Question 2 – What are your weaknesses?

This question is usually a tricky one to answer, yet you can turn what seems like a negative into a positive. The best way to answer this question is to use what appears to be a strength and portray this as a weakness. A good example of this could be that you are very picky. Explain that you like work to be the very best it can be before it is deemed completed.

Question 3 – What is your greatest accomplishment?

This question gives you the perfect chance to shine. If you have relevant experience, then you need apply a relevant example. If you are being interviewed for a role that you do not have relevant experience for try and position something in line with the job description.

Question 4 – Why did you leave your last job?

There could be a variety of reasons why you left, some legitimate or some not so much. The most important thing here is to be positive. Rather than talk about the reasons why you left, or are looking to leave, your current employers, talk about the reasons why you want to join the company. You should always try and discuss what you had learned in your previous role and how it has enriched your personal development and can add value to the company that is interviewing you.

Question 5 – Why do you want to work with us?

This questions is not what it may seem on the surface, instead the interviewer wants to know how much you know about the company, its culture and the role itself. Every organisation has different values and visions and it is important that your answer relates to this as closely as possible. Remember to be honest and sincere in your delivery.

Recruitment agencies, like Resource Employment Staffing, can help provide further support both before and after your interview. Whilst at your interview, when you are sitting in-front of your interviewer, be confident, be honest and be yourself.

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