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Fantastic Job Suggestions For People With A Biology Degree


If you’ve spent the last three or four years with you head stuck in the books, it must be incredibly relieving to finally gain your degree and leave higher education. What you’ve just achieved is no mean feat, and now you’re in a very strong position when it comes to finding suitable employment. As one of the least interesting sciences, the field of biology is severely lacking young talent at the moment, which means you should have no trouble obtaining a good job if you just hold out and wait for the right company to get in touch.

Just in case you’re a little undecided though, I’ve chosen to publish this article today in the hope of highlighting some really cool career options you might like to consider. Personally, I’d love any of the jobs listed below, but unfortunately I dropped out of my own university course after only a few months. This is why I completely understand how dedicated you must be to the subject.

So, if you need some employment ideas, read on…


In most instances, pharmacologists will be responsible for testing drugs and determining how they will affect the human body. This is a particularly interesting job because it could see you travel all over the world due to its “in-demand” nature. For the most part, people who accept this role stay in the same position for their entire lives, which should tell you something about how enjoyable it can be.

Research Scientist

If you’re more interested in going back to basics, then becoming a research scientist and working for specialist providers of biology services could be perfect. Your job will involve identifying chemical compounds and determining if they could be useful for the treatment of certain conditions. Also, you’ll spend a lot of time testing compounds for antimicrobial activity.

Higher Education Lecturer

Of course, if you enjoyed university that much that you simply don’t want to leave, you could spend some time gaining extra qualifications that would allow you to become a lecturer and teach the subject you love to other young and fresh minds. Just bear in mind that this role will become incredibly monotonous after a few years, and so perhaps it’s better saved for when you’re a little older and looking for less demanding forms of employment.

Clinical molecular geneticist

If you’re looking for something that will truly push you to your very limits and provide completely new challenges every day, then becoming a clinical molecular geneticist could be exactly what you need. The basic premise of this job involves assessing strands of human DNA and identifying any possible anomalies associated with diseases that may have been inherited. So, you’ll be doing society an amazing service by getting involved.

I sincerely hope these suggestions have been of some use to you, and now you’ll be more inclined to think outside the box and really try to push yourself when selecting the ideal career.

You’ve come this far, now there’s just a few more steps to go…

Good luck!

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