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Fantastic Career Options in Investments



Do you love money so much that you want to work with it all day long? Well, the career you choose should depend on the relationship you want your job to have with money. If you just like handling cash, you’re better off sticking to being a bank teller or a cashier. But if you enjoy the number side of things, from maths to economics, you probably want something a bit more challenging. If you’re interested in banking or investments, there are several roles that you’re sure to find fascinating. Spend your days playing with large numbers with one of these financial career options.

Day Trader

Spending your days trading on the stock market or another investment market is a dream for some people. But for many that’s all it can be. It’s very hard to make it as someone who dedicates themselves to trading full-time. But just because it is difficult to turn investing into a business, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If it’s something you want to do, you have to be prepared to be extremely dedicated. You need to put in a lot of your time to learn the trade, and you need to have a backup plan. You’re unlikely to become a day trader straight out of university. But if you’ve been trading on the side and it’s been going well, you could try taking the plunge.

Investment Banker

Jobs in investment banking are some of the best paid when it comes to graduate schemes. However, they’re also less available than some other industries. If you have a degree in maths, economics, business or a similar subject, investment banking could be for you. There are a number of roles you could choose from in this area. You can be very successful in this industry, especially with expert help from people who have come before you. The best life coach for investment bankers on Wall Street is at with Geoff Blades. There, you can learn about how to develop your career to reach your goals in life. Investment banking can be a challenging but fun field to apply yourself to.


If you think you’re good at giving advice, a career as a stockbroker could be for you. The role involves managing investments for clients, whether they’re individuals or businesses. It’s an extremely analytical job, so if you love assessing different financial markets, this is one career you could consider. This high-flying and challenging career is perfect for people who enjoy a fast-paced environment where things could change at any moment. But it’s also a role with a lot of responsibilities. Along with managing investment portfolios, it’s your job to give advice and help clients develop an investment strategy in their chosen markets. You can get into this career through a graduate programme.

There are lots of options for people who want to work in a financial capacity. Whether you want your job to focus on numbers or you wish to spend a lot of your time working with clients, you can find a role that’s right for you.


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