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How To Escape The Office Grind

We’ve all been there. The 9-5 grind is tough. The grey offices, the same bad coffee and endless spreadsheets. This isn’t what working is supposed to be like. You spend at least eight hours of your day in your job. It should be something that you love. It should be inspiring and engaging. You should love going to work. Jobs aren’t about living for the weekend. They’re about spending your life on something you feel passionate about.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few options to help you escape the grind. The following suggestions don’t require lengthy degrees. They are are realistic alternatives to your office job. They will help you get out in the open and help you find something you are passionate about. At the very least, they’ll help you escape the mundane 9-5. There is always a better option out there.

Garden Landscaping

This job helps you get out into the open and flex your creative muscles. It’s proven that working outside leads to a happier wellbeing. You’ll come home from work happier and you’ll get a little exercise too. There are many options within garden landscaping. You could start your own business in the local community. On the other hand, you could join a larger company which might help your travel further afield. However you choose to do it, the pay can be great, so you won’t risk sacrificing your lifestyle.

Work from home

Why not start your own business? Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever. You could turn a hobby into a career by selling your wares or offering your services. If you’ve spent your life in business, why not turn to consulting? You set your own hours and you’ll make a lot more money. The freelance life is not without its risks, but it is truly liberating.

Driving Instructor

There’s nothing quite like passing on knowledge. It’s a great feeling to teach a new skill and driving helps open up a whole new world. It will get you outside and out onto the open road. You don’t need a college degree for this one, just some driving instructor training and you’re all set. This career choices makes for a comfortable salary and regular work. It’s a future-proof option, we’re always going to need drivers!

Recreation workers

What if I told you that you could play, for a living? Social workers, charities and schools are crying out for recreation workers. This job involved taking groups of children and creating exciting and engaging outdoor activities. This can extend to more adventurous outdoorsy activities if you’re that way inclined. This is the perfect way to get out in the open and learn to love life.

Your working life should be every bit as fulfilling and exciting as your social life. You should explore your passions and follow your desires. If your 9-5 grind isn’t providing that, it’s time to look elsewhere. Hopefully, this list gives you some inspiration. The perfect job is out there.

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