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Enjoy Working Outside? These Careers Could Be Just What You Are Looking For

For many people these days, the career into which they fall when leaving school is not the one they will follow for the rest of their lives. There are far more options available now than at any time in the past when it comes to thinking about work. Generations of workers before were restricted, mainly by the inability to get about, in their choices and would often spend their lives working for the same employer. They did have the advantage of job security, however, that is sadly missing in today’s fast paced world.



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There are many factors to be taken into consideration when choosing the right career for you. Are you an academic type, for example? Perhaps you would prefer to do a job that is more manual. Often the choice of inside or outside work is a major consideration; some hate the thought of being cooped up in an office while others shiver at the thought of a winter outside.

Here are some great outdoor jobs you may consider taking up if you are a lover of the great outdoors.


If you are a lover of animals, farming may be for you. Early hours and long working days are normal, so if you have trouble raising your head from the pillow farming may not be for you.

Street Sweeper

The street sweeper provides a valuable service to all of us. They carry out the work without complaint at a gentle pace and often go unappreciated.

Overhead Linesman

As the winter weather seems to be getting more extreme, overhead linesmen are kept busy. Power lines are brought down all over the country during storms, and they need replacing. A head for heights will help with this job.


The steeplejack will work in, what appears to be, precarious positions, very high up in the air, and nerves of steel are needed. The job doesn’t only entail working on steeples; it includes repairing industrial chimneys too which can be very tall indeed.


Laying bricks is an art form that takes a lot of practice and is far more involved than many people think. As with all trades in the Australian construction industry; a construction induction card is required to show that the worker is competent to work safely on site.

Lorry Driver

For lovers of the open road, this is a great job that will put a smile on your face. There are long haul jobs or local deliveries from which to choose. You will need to obtain the relevant licenses; however, lighter vehicles can be driven on a car license. Check the laws in your country.


Maybe you enjoy a lot of exercise and are as fit as a fiddle. A postman walks many miles in a day through all kinds of weather. Postmen aren’t afforded the respect they were years ago when the uniforms resembled those of the police force. They play a vital role in the running of the country, however, and deserve our appreciation.

Civil Engineer

Perhaps the thought of using heavy plant will be tempting. Roads need building and repairing all over the world.

As mentioned earlier, whatever career path is chosen, there is a strong possibility it will be for the foreseeable future and not for life. One career often points the way for the next and there are some fantastic outdoor opportunities to be had.


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