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Considering Moving Abroad? You Need to Read This!

So many of us crave the unknown. The world is large and exciting, yet we have seen so little of it. So many of us get stuck in a rut professionally and personally, and we appear to have no way out. Life can become a little humdrum, but there is a way out of the tedium of our lives. Have you considered moving abroad? There is a big wide world of opportunity awaiting you. This article will give you the lowdown on popular destinations for expats. It is easy to see why these destinations are so popular; almost everyone who was interviewed stated that they had a far greater quality of life as well as more cash at the end of the month.


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China has a booming economy and, as a result, there are a large amount of expats tapping into the Chinese job market. The cost of living is relatively cheap, in comparison to the West, meaning that you can earn big bucks while not having to spend a fortune. It is worth mentioning that childcare in China is incredibly cheap. Do not be fooled into thinking that low cost childcare means compromising on quality; many expats have noted that the quality of Chinese childcare is notably better than at home.

New Zealand:

Forget Australia, New Zealand is the place to be. By in large, the quality of life is part of the appeal for those flocking to New Zealand. According to expats living in New Zealand, the pace of life is much slower and their work-life balance is incredible. Likewise, the low crime rates in New Zealand are appealing to expats. Leave the rat race behind and find a job for you or your partner in New Zealand.


Forget the seedy side of Thailand, if you are considering a big move overseas you will want to be in the Thai suburbs. Expats have hailed their lives in Thailand as the best move they have ever made. According to research as conducted by HSBC, expats in Thailand found that their entire quality of life was better when considering cuisine, social-economic factors, health care and accommodation. The cost of living is very cheap in Thailand, but don’t expect to earn mega money. However, can you put a price on a better quality of life?

Saudi Arabia:

If you more disposable income at the end of the month, then you should consider a move to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the financial heart of the Middle East. Everywhere you look there is a magnitude of wealth and riches surrounding you. Of course, Saudi Arabia is known for having strict laws; as long as you abide by them you will be fine.

South Africa:

Aside from having a plethora of tourist attractions, South Africa is heralded as the place to be for quality accommodation and childcare. With this in mind the cost of living is high in South Africa so ensure that you have plenty of money if you decide to reside there. Likewise, South Africa has a high crime rate, so do be aware of this before making any big decisions.

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