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Check Out These Career Ideas That Help You To Stay Fit & Healthy

There are hundreds of career options out there for people. It’s safe to say that some are mostly desk-based while others involve a large amount of physical activity. If you want to get a job that helps you to stay fit and healthy, you might be wondering which career is the best choice for you.

As a little treat, I have decided to list some of the most popular careers where lots of physical activity forms an essential part of the job. Pick one of these career options, and you’ll be maintaining a physique to be proud of quite soon!


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Personal Trainer

To start a career as a personal trainer, you would usually begin working as a gym instructor. To be honest, the two roles are almost identical when you compare what work gets carried out on a daily basis. The only difference is that personal trainers work for clients direct. Whereas gym instructors get employed by a gym.

Many personal trainers are self-employed, but some work for fitness companies. The work is varied, physical and no two days are ever the same. You get to meet a broad range of people in your work. And you gain an enormous sense of achievement helping your clients to stay active and be fit and healthy.

Personal trainers can find work in any part of the world, as their skills are universal across different countries. Irrespective of how you get employed, you will need to gain some qualifications first.

Their “place of work” is usually at a client’s home or place of business. Sometimes, business clients hire trainers at their corporate apartments when they’re on the road!

Organizations such as NASM offer industry-recognized qualifications. So it’s worth having written proof to backup your knowledge and skills.


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Army Soldier

If a civilian career isn’t for you, how about a military one? Each year thousands of people enlist to become soldiers in the army. You might think that people only sign up so that they can use guns to kill people.

But, did you know that the army is a great place to learn many skills transferrable into civilian jobs? For example, you can learn how to become an engineer, a mechanic or even a chef by joining the army.

There are also many perks of the job. For a start, you can enjoy discounted prices on everything from groceries and gas to auto repair through your local army base. And you can

Private Investigator

You might think this odd, but private investigators lead active and healthy lifestyles! That’s because the bulk of their work involves surveillance. They have to move around a lot to keep an eye on their people of interest.

They also have to visit organizations to get copies of paperwork vital to their investigations. Some people have the misconception that private investigators just sit behind a desk all day. But nothing could be further from the truth!

PIs also earn a good deal of money from their work, so it’s a career worth considering if you fancy doing something “different” for a day job!


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