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A Guide to Voice Acting



If someone has ever told you that your voice is great, you should think of making use of it to earn some money. You can become a singer, an announcer, or a voice over actor. Voice over simply means adding your voice to a video or a message. It can be very lucrative.

The Requirements

In the world of commercial voice over, there are all kinds of voices needed. For instance, they require whiny voices, flat voices, average voices, and even gravely voices. Thus, you do not need to have any specific type of voice; all that is needed is a passion for it. Besides that, you do not need to be an English voice over actor. If you speak any other language, such as French, that is an added advantage.

You Need to Have a Demo

The demo should be a short audio recording that you use to tell people about your talent. For instance, if you can do a great female voice over, you should include that. Additionally, you do not have to do a British voice over if you live in the UK. You can make a demo with you speaking in a different accent. It increases the opportunities you have for finding work.

It Will Take Some Practice

Some people may mistakenly think that just because they have a great English voice, they only need to visit a studio and work will start rolling in. That does not work in most cases. You will need to work with a voice over coach if you want to excel. Such a coach will help you to find the sweet spot where you sound the best. When you do, you will need to practice on how to become a great female voice over. Without practice, you may not make any meaningful amount of money.

You Need to Be Good at Technology

The world of voice-over acting today requires a lot of technology. While you do not need to be a guru at technology, you will need to understand how the technology works. With such knowledge, you can be able to use your natural talent by incorporating technology. One way you can grow your knowledge on British voice over technology is to hire the services of a reputable company. You could also check to see if your local recording studio offers training on how to use recording equipment.

You Need to Have Good Business Skills

Your voice is your product. It is no different than running any other type of business. You will need to be able to negotiate for goods terms of work. Besides that, you will need to know how to market your product to the right people. In most cases, you will need to have a great online presence. The internet is the cheapest and most convenient way for voice over actors to market their skills. You may probably have to take some business management lessons if you want your business to grow and become profitable.

What you can do with the computer skills you have

If you have some skill with computers and fancy working in IT, then the good news is that it is possible to get into the industry at a level that is suitable for you, and then learn on the job. Computer skills are vital these days for almost any sort of job, even if it’s just basic word processing or being able to send an email. Most office jobs require at least a basic competence in Word, Excel etc, and knowledge of how to navigate the internet. If you lack confidence in these areas then basic computer literacy courses are probably available in your area as part-time evening classes, either free of charge or at minimal cost. You may also be able to study at home using an online course or with the Open University.

IT is everywhere

Information technology now permeates almost every aspect of modern working life. Whatever career sector you look at, there will be a role for IT professionals within it. Computers are used in offices, retail, banking, engineering, science and the arts. Every business has a website and needs someone to design and maintain it. You can use your computer skills to become a graphic designer, software developer, data analyst, web developer, systems administrator or any one of hundreds of roles that currently exist under the IT umbrella.

In-house or contract

With so many different options available, it’s little wonder that many IT professionals choose to work on a contract basis rather than as an employee of one particular company. This means that programmers, developers and digital designers can choose projects on their own terms, and often command a higher hourly rate than their equivalents on the company payroll.

The advantage of this approach is freedom, variety and the satisfaction of being your own boss; the disadvantages include a lack of security and the added hassles of having to do your own tax and accounting, finding clients and so on. As a self-employed contractor, you also need to be careful not to fall foul of IR35 legislation. This was introduced by the UK government in April 2000 to close a loophole, which saw contractors avoiding tax and National Insurance payments by using an intermediary company. This can also affect individuals who are unaware they are doing anything wrong, so make sure you get good IR35 advice.

Training and where to go next

A computer science degree is the most obvious route into IT, but it’s not essential. A degree in Maths, Economics, Design or any other subject relevant to the area you want to work in may be just as useful, followed by a post-graduate qualification in IT. Many employers are more impressed by the professional certifications offered by companies like Microsoft and Oracle, because they recognise specific work-related skills.

Whatever route you take, there’s bound to be an IT role to match the computer skills you have. Just make sure you constantly update your abilities to stay in the game, and remember that learning on the job is the best education anyone can have.

Photographers: How to Make Your Locations Suit Your Event

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a student photographer looking at each and every opportunity as a way of improving your craft, having a good knowledge of the locations you want to shoot at is incredibly useful when it comes to finding the perfect photo for any event. Wedding photographers in particular need to be able to capture that perfect shot, without having to ask for re-shoots about ten times, as wedding parties are stressful and it can be incredibly difficult to keep that many people still and placid for any length of time.

There are a whole host of beautiful venues across London for fantastic wedding shoots, however if you aren’t aware of them or if you have never visited them before your planned shoot, you will have no idea of what challenges you may face as a photographer. As with any sort of job, research is key. Take a look at some of our expert tips on how you can help get the best photos, and make your location perfectly suit your choice of event.

Scout for shots in advance
If you have time, or if you are able, see if you can visit the venue before the party date. By familiarising yourself with the venue in advance, you will be able to pick out ideal locations away from the hustle and bustle of the party scene and can take your time testing out lighting, colour saturation, angles etc. Having prior knowledge of the chosen venue will also work in your favour when discussing potential shoots with your clients, as it shows a dedication to the job and helps to build up potential relationships with your clients.

Be prepared for the worst

Check the weather forecasts. Whether your event location is indoors or outdoors, you never quite know what is to be expected of you so it is good to be prepared for most situations. The party may want you to take photos of the arrival party, whereby suitable outdoor equipment is essential. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best is always a good mantra to stand by in these situations.

Have more than one location in mind

Many venues will have several event rooms where guests can wander and enjoy their time. By checking out the entire venue you can gather a list of potential locations for wedding shoots, party shots, group photos and more. You may even be able to look at good potential set up locations for shooting the party as it goes on in its natural habitat. While head-shots and group shots are great, some of the best party shots can occur when nobody is aware of the camera itself.

Don’t just think of locations where guests can sit and pose, think of spots where you can catch a lot of the action, as this will provide far more opportunities for photos and give your clients a great array of memories to choose from. Plus, dynamic and on-the-spot photos always look good in a portfolio.

Get There Early

On the day of the event, it may be a good idea to get to the venue before any of the guests have arrive, particularly if you need to set anything up in advance. Making your models wait before having their photo taken can be an annoying task and it may look unprofessional on your part. Weddings and other similar events are stressful enough as it is! They may sometimes be edgy or irritable and they will likely want to get back to the celebrations as soon as possible.

By getting there as early as you can, you can make any preparations needed as well as looking bright and eager for the job. Good communication is always essential between the photographer and the event organiser. If you don’t know who exactly the bride and groom are, how will you be able to properly capture their reactions when they first enter the hall? You also have a chance to set up and take a few practice shots, to make sure the lighting and other such elements are as they should be.

While many venues across London are specifically designed to appeal to weddings, business conferences, stag and hen dos and so on, every now and then a couple or a party will want to wed at a different, non-standard venue, and as the chosen photographer it is up to you to make them look as food as possible. With careful preparation and previous scouting of the venue, you will be able to make your chosen venue suit your event spectacularly.

Article provided by Best Venues London, a FREE service that helps you to source the best, quirkiest and most unique venues for any type of celebration, party of corporate event.

The Benefits of Buying Bottle Gift Bags


If you’re buying someone a bottle of something for a Birthday present, Christmas present, or other special occasion you should certainly consider picking up a gift bag to go with it. There are a wide selection on offer, so you’ll be able to find one which suits both the drink and the person. Here’s why bottle gift bags are always worth the money.

They Show You Care

Of course, buying any present will show that you care, but it’s worth making sure that the details are right if you’re really going to let someone know they’re special. Giving a bottle of wine might be nice, but it feels so much better to receive in its own gift bag because it lets you know that the giver has gone out of their way to make everything perfect.

They Protect the Bottle

From the cheapest plonk to the rarest of bubbly, each bottle has one thing in common: it’s very easy to break. Glass is glass, and dropping a bottle will mean that you’ll be cleaning up the pieces when you should have been enjoying a drink. Bottle bags are shaped perfectly to ensure that the bottle doesn’t fall out, and they are made with strong rope handles to accommodate the weight.

They’re Easy to Reuse

Unlike wrapping paper – which is difficult to use on a bottle in any case – gift bags don’t need to be torn apart in order for a person to gain access to their present. You still retain the surprise of having the bottle itself undercover, but the bag itself can be saved. This means that the person you gave the bottle to will be able to keep it for a future occasion instead of having to send it to landfill.

They’re Convenient

As gift bags for bottles become more widely used, many off-licenses and wine shops are starting to stock them right at the counter. This means that customers no longer need to go to two places for bottle and bag. In fact, buying a gift bag is just as convenient as buying the bottle itself – you only need to ask for one at the counter.


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Cash flow problems are prevalent amongst businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is common practice in many industries to wait for between one to four months before expecting payment, but this can cause some real issues for your enterprise. Without a constant flow of capital to keep the wheels turning, the whole system can falter. Yet a solution can be hard to find: trying to set your own rules, and going against tradition, can be a sure fire way to alienate customers, sending them running into your competitors’ open arms.

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6 Great Places to Find Free Education

Education is an extremely valuable asset that a lot of people highly value. It is important to most people to get a certain degree of education, but there are many others who never want to stop learning. This mentality is often what leads people to success.

However, education can be very expensive and it can be difficult financially for people to meet their goals. This is an issue that is not easily fixed, but there are some alternatives. Here are six great places to find free education that people can use on a regular basis to learn something new every day.

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