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How You Can Break Into the Marketing Industry

The marketing industry is so vast, with thousands of new marketers being created daily. Many people decide they’d like to break into it each day. There are many routes you can follow to do this, but the following ideas will talk you through some of the easiest ways to get your foot in the door. Let’s take a look:

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Decide What Niche You’d Like to Focus On

Marketing is a very broad term – there are tons of niches you could choose to focus on. Would you like to work in online marketing? Offline marketing? Content marketing? PPC? SEO? You have tons of options! Do your research and decide on the niche you think you’d excel in. You can then research your favourite niche, and what working in that niche involves to ensure that it’s going to suit you.

Do Classes and Courses

Now that you know the kind of niche you’d like to focus on, you can apply to do classes and courses in that area and learn all about it. You don’t need a degree to do anything in marketing, but it can definitely help you to excel and get a good position within a company.

Get Work Experience

If you’re doing a class or course, you may be able to get work experience within a marketing company. This will most likely be filled with boring, seemingly pointless jobs, but it’ll look great on your CV when you apply for your first real job. You may even be kept on at the place you’ve done your work experience if you impress them!

Do Some Research

There’s a plethora of information online about anything and everything you could ever dream of. If you don’t plan on doing courses and classes, or you simply want to learn more, do some research and you can learn pretty much anything you like. There are articles, e-books, and whole websites dedicated to certain niches and subjects.


Networking in the marketing agency is the key to success! Network with other marketers to make connections, and you could find yourself with a long list of business opportunities and people clamouring to work with you. You can do this with social media, on forums, and by commenting on articles/sites that have helped you.

Start at The Bottom and Work Your Way Up

You won’t get the dream job you want straight away, no matter how qualified you are. Every big marketing job within a company requires a certain amount of experience, so you’ll likely need to start at the bottom and work your way up. In some cases, you could choose to work for yourself, but you’ll need to have a great work ethic and be capable of keeping your clients happy so that they return to you. If you want to go freelance, you can use sites such as People Per Hour to get clients and jobs.

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