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Break Into the Fitness Industry without Breaking a Sweat


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With any job there are two contributing factors which are going to get your foot in the door, education and experience. Breaking into the fitness industry you will need both of those factors along with, confidence, passion and determination.

What jobs are in the fitness industry?

Currently there are 1,315 job vacancies in the fitness sector according to Leisure jobs, here is a list of all the different careers:

  • Fitness instructors / Personal trainers
  • Fitness and wellbeing advisors
  • Coaches
  • Teaching group exercise classes/ Pilates, Aerobics, Zumba.
  • Athletic trainer
  • Physiotherapist
  • Gym assistant
  • Health club manager
  • Wellness coordinator
  • Spa professional
  • Lifeguard
  • Water sports instructor
  • Teacher of sport or leisure
  •  Climbing wall instructor

The list is endless of all the different opportunities in this field of work, so find what is right for you and go from there. You may find trying things out and doing some deep research to find out what each job entails and if there are particular qualifications which you need to succeed in getting the job.

How to get into these jobs

The best ways to launch a career in fitness is to carry out a course within the area with an approved learning provider. With every job role being different, it’s best to do your research and find out what you need.

Fitness is a massive industry now with everyone showing off their hard work on networks such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and personal blogs. So becoming active on social media to show off your efforts is a must, and will provide you with your own portfolio where you’re able to show off your interest in the field. Make sure you’re posting regular updates about what you’re doing to make people engage with you and to become known within the industry.

Take part in local sports events and offer to help out, that way you have references from coaches and more to write down in the experience section of your CV.

To become a fitness instructor there are a few different routes which you are able to go down. You are able to study for a degree in ‘Fitness and personal training’ if you have the relevant A-levels, or you’re able to carry out an apprenticeship in ‘Exercise and fitness’. Apprenticeships provide you with on the job experience leading you to obtain a recognised qualification and not only that but you’re paid just like any other member of staff where you’re working, also talk to a local gyms and ask if they offer the experience to train people up. There are now also many online courses that can help to provide you with some knowledge and show that you have a keen interest in the subject.

Whereas if you’re looking to become a Physiotherapist you must be registered with the Health and Care professions council, you’re able to become registered if you have completed an approved programme such as a degree in physiotherapy which is provided by many universities.

Where do you find job vacancies?

Finding jobs may be a difficult task if you’re looking in the wrong places, but there are many online sites which are able to tell you about current vacancies such as reed, total jobs and Hales Group. Also try getting in contact with local recruitment agencies which are able to find you jobs in the area which you’re living in and advise you on how to succeed in getting the job.


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