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Benefits of becoming an apprentice


Many people are still set on obtaining a degree and going to university but with prices rising and there not being enough spaces for everyone, many people are now exploring the avenue of apprenticeships and traineeships as a way into getting their desired job.

1. You are paid

Apprenticeships provide you with on the job experience which you are paid minimum wage for, though as you gain more experience your wage will increase. You are even entitled to paid holiday during an apprenticeship.

2. Provide you with qualifications

Apprentices can carry out Level 1, 2, or 3 depending on the GCSE grades or previous experience. Level 3 is the equivalent of A-levels so you will need at least 5 C’s GCSE or equivalent. Level 3 is hugely recognised and can lead you into a full time job once completed, but completing Levels 1 and 2 will prepare you for taking on level 3.

Your local college will provide you with a theory side of the apprenticeship and award you with the qualification unless your apprenticeship is private and within the company you’re working for.

3. You gain experience

University is a great way to extend your learning in a subject you’re passionate about and for some jobs degrees are essential for example, for healthcare jobs such as Doctors and Nurses.

On the other hand, many jobs can be accessed if you are determined and have a passion for your chosen area, and actually many employers are now more enthusiastic about hiring somebody with experience rather than a qualification but with an apprenticeship you have both.

4. You’re provided with training

You are trained up in many different ways, depending on your job for example, you may be put on courses such as Xchange training which provides people within the creative and web industry professional training, completing these courses will look great on your CV alongside your experience too.

Popular apprenticeships:

Engineering apprenticeships are the most popular, within the first three months of 2015 the site notgoingtouni had 100,000 queries regarding apprenticeships in that sector. Depending on the level carried out there are many job opportunities that are available. For example, you could pursue a career as an aerospace engineer which has a starting salary of £20,000-£26,000 a year.

IT apprenticeships are also coming up close to engineering especially as this field continues to expand it is becoming even more popular. An example for a job after completion could be a Web developer with an average salary of £39,000 a year. Many IT jobs purely depend on what your strengths were within the apprenticeship and what area of IT your training was in.

The third most popular are hairdressing apprenticeships alongside beauty and makeup apprenticeships and beauty therapy. Jobs in this area can include Beauty consultant, Make-up artist and beauty therapist.

The richest former apprentice is Lord Bamford who carried out an apprenticeship at Massey Ferguson which supplies agricultural equipment and he later branded out and created JCB. He now has a net worth of £2 billion.


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