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The Awesome Benefits Of A Career In The Army


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Are you hard working, dedicated and passionate? Do you like making a difference in the world? Then a job in the British Army could be for you! Military careers are popular right now – and it’s easy to see why. With a whole range of benefits, it’s hard to argue a reason you shouldn’t go for a career in the army. Still not convinced? Take a look at these awesome benefits below:

Financial Security: Army jobs are some of the most financially secure positions in Britain. You get a healthy starting salary that can increase each year. Also, they provide you with decent yearly bonuses. Again, these can increase depending on the years of service you provide. You even get paid £278 a week during your training phase. In addition, the army pays into a pension fund for you, ready for your retirement. When you retire, you’ll receive monthly pension payments. So even after you’ve finished, you’re still financially rewarded

Unique Workplace: A lot of army jobs don’t require you to be sat in an office all day. Although your training months will have classroom elements, you could find yourself working anywhere in the world. You can travel and visit different climates and cultures that other jobs can’t show you. You could spend days in the pouring rain, so stock up on military waterproof outdoor notepads and ring binders. Or, you could find yourself spending weeks in a desert climate, so you’ll have to deal with the glaring heat. It’s a career that offers a truly unique work environment.

Personal Development: A job in the army is probably the most rewarding there is. You can gain numerous qualifications to benefit you in the future. Even if you don’t stay with the army for life, the skills you gain translate to other areas of life. You learn new things and develop as a person and as an employee. A career in the military can help you stand out from the crowd later in life too. A lot of people start military careers as raw and new, with little to no qualifications. When they leave, they’re a changed person with more confidence and skills.

Bonding: One of the biggest benefits of army jobs are the people. You’ll be spending months on end with the same group of people, bonding and sharing memories. You meet people in the army that stay with you for the rest of your life. The experiences you share are unlike any other career. The bonds you make with fellow troops can never be broken. No one truly understands the unique bond between army mates. It’s great that after all you’ve been through in the army, you’ll still have friends beside you.

These are just a few of the many benefits of an army career. Not to mention the fact you get accommodation and food provided for you. As well as having free sporting activities provided for you. When people hear army jobs, they assume doom and gloom. War and gun shots, death and sadness. It’s not strictly true. An army career can be fun, rewarding and build your personal character.

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