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Amazing Ways You Can Turn a Talent for Writing into a Career

Have other people noticed that you have a talent for using the written word? They might have suggested that you try your hand at becoming “a writer”. But what does that mean? Many people think of everyone who’s a talented writer becoming an author, writing novels and poetry. But there are lots of different kinds of writing. Writing fiction and poetry is one thing you can do if you have a way with words. But there are also several other ways that you can make money from writing. In fact, the other methods of earning a living from writing could be much more reliable. You can also turn non-fiction writing, content writing and technical writing into a career.

Fiction and Poetry

Many creative writers dream of one day having a novel or an anthology of poetry published. Many writers manage to achieve this, whether through a big-name publisher or independent firm. But getting your work published takes a lot of work and a certain amount of luck. As well as approaching publishers about work you’ve written, there are other ways that authors and poets try to get their work published. These can include entering competitions and submitting work to magazines both online and offline. Authors also often choose to bypass publishers and go the route of online book publishing. To make it as a writer of fiction and poetry, you need to be dedicated to improving your creative writing. Many people take courses and workshops, attend writing groups and even complete degrees in the subject.

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Creative Non-fiction

Another option for creative writers in creative non-fiction. Again, this type of writing might be published in the form of a book, or it could appear in a magazine. The difference between the types of writing is that, although non-fiction can be creative, it also needs to be factual. You need to have a solid knowledge of the subject you’re writing about and be able to research your story thoroughly. All types of writing will need research skills. But with creative non-fiction it’s important that you’re accurate.

Content Writing

Content writing involves writing text for websites and blogs, with the target market of the website in mind. The purpose of the content is often to improve the website’s search engine optimization, or to help the site sell a product or service. You still need to have the correct knowledge and ability to perform this role. But, unlike some other types of writing, you don’t need to rely on attracting the attention of a publisher or agent. Many people become freelance content writers and produce material for several clients at the same time. However, you can also find content writer roles as part of the business’s permanent staff.

Technical Writing

Finally, there’s technical writing. This type of non-fiction writing involves producing material with technical information and instructions. You could be writing manuals for computers, chemistry textbooks or a script for a how-to video. To be a technical writer, you’ll need specialist knowledge of the subject. It’s a great career to try if you’ve just gained your Bachelor’s degree.

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