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Amazing Careers for People Who Want to Work in Construction

If you’re thinking about a career in construction, do you want to be doing the heavy lifting or would you rather be in a suit and tie? Is your idea of working in construction overseeing a worksite, or are you better at taking instruction? Some people would hate to be in an office all day while others don’t like the idea of always being outside. Read on to find out some options for construction careers, and whether they involve brains, brawn or both.


Photo by Peter Craven

Building Surveyor

Being a building surveyor will involve a mix of being out in the field and sitting in an office. They go out to sites and give advice on the best course of action for new-builds. They also look after the repair and maintenance of existing buildings. This job requires good problem-solving skills, excellent communication and an understanding of business. If you just want to lift, carry and build then this one isn’t for you.

Construction Plant Operator

If working on a busy building site is for you and you love playing with machinery, consider being a construction plant operator. In this career, you’ll get to use all the heavy machinery, whether it’s a bucket truck with a cherry picker, a bulldozer or water truck. If you already work on a building or construction site as a labourer, your employer might offer you training to move on. Other options are apprenticeships or traineeships, as well as college courses.


Those with green thumbs should consider being a landscaper, particularly if they’re creative. Landscapers construct and look after gardens, parks and other green and outside spaces. It’s not all outside though, as you might sometimes work on interior landscaping projects. You might have seen these in a shopping mall or large office building. This career isn’t all about putting things together. You need to have some horticultural knowledge (that’s knowledge of plants), as well as be able to understand landscape design drawings.

Town Planner

A town planner does exactly what it sounds like they do: the plan the layout and development of cities and towns. This involves being knowledgeable about the needs of society, including housing, business and transport. You need to be able to balance the needs of these different areas, looking at a problem from each viewpoint. People with an interest in the environment and society should look at being a town planner as a career. You need a bachelor’s degree or post-graduate qualification for this one.

Many construction roles aren’t entirely based in an office or entirely based outside. Even jobs that are focused on business practices or working with numbers often require you to go out and survey a site. If you’re looking for balance, then choose a career that involves both office work and being out and about. However, if you would rather someone direct you and you’re happiest in charge of a large vehicle or holding a hammer, pick something more labour-heavy.

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