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Accent reduction for business professionals


The world is a global business place these days.  People from all corners of the globe are working together, either in person or through the use of technologies such as Skype.  For business people whose first language is not English, it can be a challenge of confidence to interaction in a business environment because of their accent and struggle to master Canadian pronunciation.    That can lead to a reluctance to speak up in meetings or, when they do speak up, their message being muddled and lost amongst a heavy accent and a struggle to find the right words.  That can lead to frustration for those who have to ask the speaker to repeat their words, as well as for the speaker himself.  Fortunately, an accent coach can help.

Everyone has an accent.  Accents are determined by the geography of where you live and the language(s) you speak.  For those learning a new language (English, for example) it can be very difficult to shed the nuances from their mother tongue, even when they master the vocabulary of their new language.  An accent coach can help businesspeople perfect their pronunciation so that they can communicate clearly and effectively with their colleagues.

Accent coaching isn’t about “losing” one’s accent.  It’s about working on the clear pronunciation of Canadian English while still maintaining the flavour of one’s own accent.  Because accents are beautiful!

There are several common pronunciation mistakes that are made by those who are learning to speak English.  An accent coach can help with each of these issues.

  1. The pronunciation of certain vowels and consonants is difficult for native speakers of certain languages.
  2. The difficulty in hearing the differences in stresses on various different syllables in a word.
  3. The particulars of the lilt and rhythm of the English language.  Each language has its own particular rhythm and musicality, and it can be a challenge to learn the cadence of a new language without the rhythm of one’s native tongue creeping in. The word “comfortable,” for example, is commonly pronounced differently by speakers of various languages, with the stress being place on varying syllables.

With the help of an accent reduction Montreal, business people can communicate effectively and clearly with colleagues from English-speaking Canada and around the world.  They can speak clearly and with confidence, knowing that their accent from their mother tongue is not lost, but simply that it becomes an accessory to clear, precise English pronunciation that will allow them to be confident when dealing with business partners.  Having the confidence to conduct business without fear of being misunderstood goes a long way when it comes to being successful in the business world.  If you are worried about your accent getting in the way of your career, an accent coach can help.


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