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Welcome to, a site dedicated to helping you get onto the career path of your choosing!

This blog was set up in a period of unemployment – searching desperately for a job can get extraordinarily stressful and disheartening, so the site was born in order to alleviate some of the boredom that comes with jobseeking, and to collate a whole bunch of different tips and pieces of advice so that we can help people to get out of that slump as quickly as possible. No one deserves to be stuck on the dole for months at a time.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get you out of the Jobcentre and into employment a little more quickly. Or if you’re already lucky enough to have a job but unlucky enough to have one you hate, we’ll be hosting hints and tips from all sectors, all designed to help you to get onto the right career path for you.

None of us here actually have any advisory qualifications, so please don’t take our word as The Word, but we will try and help as best we can. Just think of us as friendly tipsters.

Don’t be afraid to get involved yourself either – we’d love to hear any tips you have to offer! Check out the write for us page, read up on the submission guidelines and drop us a line.

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