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7 Creative Ways To Become A Rockstar Blogger

In this day and age, people have come to think that bagging yourself a job as a blogger or a youtuber is their ticket to instant stardom and success. What they often don’t realize is the amount of work that comes with this career choice.

If you are serious about becoming a rockstar blogger, here are a few top tips that will help you on your way.


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1 – Planning is an important first step into the world of blogging. You need to first decide a catchy name for your blog. Pick one that you aren’t going to need to change. Once you’ve grown some loyal readers, this is how they will recognise you.

Think about the direction your blog is going to take and what sort of articles you plan to write. Who is your target audience? Ask yourself why you want to start a blog and whether you have the dedication to commit to writing regularly.

2 – Social media is your friend. You need to learn how to properly use social media channels to your advantage. Issa’s hashtag tips is a good place to start researching. Think about ensuring that all of your accounts are integrated and have similar names. Link your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts but keep the content different for those who follow you on multiple platforms.

Networking sites like LinkedIn can also be made to work in your favor by using a few simple tips and tricks to drive traffic your way.

3 – Quality content is key in the blogging industry. You want to keep your readers coming back for more. The only way to do this is to write well and write about topics that you are passionate about. This will show through in your articles.

Make an article plan and tick them off as you write. This will help to keep you focused and on track.

4 – Industry contacts are a good thing to have. Keep in touch with brands and journalists who will deliver you regular breaking news on products and events.

You can also get yourself on the mailing list for events that can be attended and covered in return for a review or a write-up. This is a great way to get your name out there and meet up with fellow bloggers.

5 – Brand awareness is important. Are you writing about the hottest brands and the latest products? Ensure that the products you write about suit your target audience. For example, a blog about food isn’t the best place to casually slip in a post about cosmetic surgery. Think about what your audience want to read.

6 – Honesty is vital. Don’t treat your readers like idiots. They will see right through you, and you’ll lose readers. Keep your reviews honest and informative and don’t bow to the pressure of companies who insist that you praise their products.

7 – Invest as much time as possible into your new venture. If you want to be a serious blogger, you need to make the most of your time. Think about how many hours you can spare each day to focus on your blog and make them count. You’ll be on your way to rock star blogger status in no time.



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