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7 Career Ideas they don’t teach you about at school


When you are at school, the teachers will lead you to believe that there is a set amount of careers open to you. Don’t believe a word they say! The truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of thousands of careers that might suit you. You don’t have to confine yourself to the normal ideas that they give you in the classroom. Instead, you can choose from a wide and varied array of jobs that are exciting, rather than dull. Check out these seven career ideas and see what you think.

1) Independent Investigator

If you have allows had a knack for solving mysteries, there is a job role that is right up your alley. There are many agencies like Insight Investigations that hire investigators to work for them. You would have to solve cases that involve cheating spouses and badly behaved employees. If this role sounds like a dream, you might be an ideal candidate.

2) Professional Hugger

Inner city people don’t get much time to interact with others. In fact, much of the time, these people end up feeling lonely. If you want to do a job that helps to enrich people’s lives, you could be a professional hugger. People will come to you for a snuggle and pay you a flat fee for the pleasure. If you are a particularly tactile person, you might love having to hug people for a living.

3) Furniture Tester

When massive manufacturers make furniture, they need someone to test it for them. You need to check with the sofas a particular company makes are soft and comfortable. Believe it or not, this job is real. You would have to spend your days testing out different materials and making sure that they are perfect. Of course, you would need to fill out a full report on each piece, but it would still be an awful lot of fun.

4) Gender Equality Consultant

These days, everybody needs to be hyper-conscious when it comes to gender equality. Businesses in particular need to be aware of the laws surrounding this issue. If you know a whole lot about gender studies and the law, you could become a consultant for big businesses. It would be your role to check whether everything is above board in the company.

5) Promotional Staff Member

Sometimes, companies hire promotional staff to help them market new products. Some companies call this role a ‘brand ambassador’. What you would need to do is get out there and talk to people about the products. For this role, you need to be chatty and charismatic. You have to be ultra confident to fulfill a role such as this one, but if you get it right it might just be your dream job.

6) Stunt Person

If you are a daredevil, you might love the opportunity to show off your skills to the world. Being a stunt person takes a whole lot of expertise and skills. It will take you a matter of years to perfect this fine art. Once you have qualified, you would have the most varied job in the entire world. One day you could be jumping through rings of fire and the next you could be parachuting out of a plane.

7) Crocodile Tamer

In Australia, the crocodile entertainment business is massive. Tourists will pay loads of cash just to see a crocodile in the flesh. Of course, they don’t want to see wild animals because that would be dangerous. Crocodile taming is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, but it certainly pays well.

As you can see, there are loads of roles that might tickle your fancy. When you start to think outside the box, there are thousands of fantastic careers you can pursue.


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