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5 World Changing Careers For Science Geniuses

Some people are lucky enough to have an innate understanding of the world around us. They have a natural aptitude for the periodic table and human biology. It’s a logical brain that excels here and it means there is a bright and lucrative future ahead.

Science is considered one of the essential cornerstones of education. Yet there are few obvious jobs that stem from it. So what are the science geniuses among us to do? Well, if that sounds like you, we’ve pulled together some of the best careers in science. We’ve taken into account changing trends and future openings in the field of science. Let’s dive into the possible careers.


1. Climate change and alternative energy

The science world is currently consumed with the pursuit of alternative energy sources. We can no longer rely on fossil fuels as our primary energy source. Experts are constantly looking for information and figures relating to climate change. Pursuing this field will entirely change the way the world operates. It’s a fascinating way to change the world for the better.

2. Experimental sciences

If you’re the type of scientist who loves playing with bunsen burners and laboratory ovens, this is for you. Experimental scientists explore the realms of possibility within science. They set hypothesis and test them. They are constantly seeking answers to unanswerable questions. If you’re obsessed by the thought of discovering new concepts and explaining the world, this is your career.

3. Health care

Science is the very foundation of our healthcare system. Every doctor, dentist and vet has a deep grounding in biology and science. Many science degrees can be converted into medicine qualifications. Science is also the fundamental heart of pharmaceuticals and drugs. If you find yourself leaning towards chemistry, this is perhaps worth looking at. Finally, there are the thousands of technology based jobs that support the healthcare industry. The scientific advances in medical equipment all come from the minds of science graduates.

4. Computing science

It’s no surprise that computers and smartphones dominate our daily lives. This is the new future and will only continue to grow. Pursuing this career will set you up for a career that will come to dominate the globe. We are only just exploring the possibilities of the internet, computers and artificial intelligence. As a science genius, you can help take the world into the next generation.

5. Telecommunications

This is slightly related to computing science but with a world of its own. Telecommunications are growing rapidly. The world is becoming more and more connected. Scientists are working to make this faster and more realistic every day. The latest developments in this sector include hologram conference calls. It doesn’t get any more exciting than that!

Science may look like it has no obvious career path. But, in reality, it has some of the widest possibilities. Scientists are the ones changing the future. They are constantly inventing and creating things we don’t even know we needed. They are saving lives, reversing climate change and bringing sci fi fantasies into reality. You could be one of them!


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