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5 tips to make yourself more employable

In today’s job market, more and more individuals are attempting to find appropriate jobs that can pay them accordingly for their skills, hard work and commitment to providing excelling results.

Unfortunately, though, competition is always serious, and individuals have to showcase their past work, experience and abilities uniquely in order to increase their chances of getting hired, not to mention the possibility to adjust to some specific working requirements.

Before you go looking on a job board such as City Calling for a new career, these five tips will help you become more employable.

Improve Content and Appearance of Your CV
When applying for a job, you have to necessarily attach your CV/resume to the cover letter that you are sending to your potential employer. Focus on the way information is presented within your CV, and make sure that you are using a correct layout that can emphasize your skills and abilities appropriately. Your qualifications have to stand out to those who do not know you, and improving the appearance of your CV is important if you want it to be attractive enough for those who see it.
However, your CV has two facets, and appearance is only one of them. Before sending your CV, make sure that its content will be interesting and eye-catching for your potential employer. Look for those areas where you fall short and consider improving them, so that you can showcase additional experience or skills that can make you a valuable employee.

Develop New Capacities
Being employable translates to having a wide range of capacities for the particular position that you are applying for. If you have already completed your CV, you have surely noticed that experience and skills are a priority when attempting to get hired, and developing new capacities should be your next concern. Consider taking professional development courses that will enable you to improve your current skills and help you get the job. Learning new techniques, exploring online environment and changing your initial role within a department will allow you to become a valuable employee, which will definitely increase your chances of getting hired.

Renew Your Application Pattern
When attempting to find a job, applying for all available positions might seem appealing to you. Think about how you would sell your experience and skills right now, and try to tailor your application pattern depending upon the respective job. To make sure that you will not blur after a while, rely on a personal statement and cover letter that are basically the same, and adjust only your CV to the requirements of the job in question. Note that applying for a wide range of positions will not allow you to showcase your skills and experience correctly, so you should better apply for those positions in your field only.

Practice Interviews
If you are seeking a job for the first time or you have not had an interview for a while, you can choose to practice one to improve your current skills and rehearse the answers that you are going to offer to challenging questions. Ask someone supportive to play the role of the interviewer, and make sure that he or she will act and take the exercise seriously. Hopefully, you will be able to get positive feedback once you finish practicing, and your interviews are going to be much more efficient.

Look for Alternatives
Applying for a specific job might be, for many of us, a huge mistake that we make without thinking about other possibilities. Are you sure that you will be able to handle or enjoy the job that you are applying for? If not, you should look for other alternatives that will permit you to find fulfilling work and a good wage. Employers are interested in hiring people who can think out of the box and are willing to volunteer to get new skills and enhance their CV at the same time, so keep this in mind if you want to become more employable and increase your chances of getting hired.

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