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5 Languages That Will Increase Your Career Prospects

Adding a second language to your arsenal of skills is a great way to stand out. It’s already tough enough to find right job. Possessing language skills is a good way to put yourself ahead of the competition. The world is more connected than ever. Most business have offices all over the world and communicate on a daily basis. At the very least they will have clients in various countries.

In order to continue this growth, companies need language skills. They need those that can connect with other cultures. That’s where you come in. If you have the drive and passion to learn another language, you will become a vital asset to employers. Learning a new language doesn’t have to be too hard. There are plenty of shortcuts to getting started and there are tricks to be learnt! Below are the five most useful second languages to learn in today’s world.


For those living in North America, you’ll already know that Spanish is the second most spoken language. That makes it the perfect language to learn when working in the USA. Spain itself is also a large economic power and many trade routes run through it. That means that many global offices require Spanish speakers. Spanish is also commonly spoken throughout South America. Some of the South American countries are among the biggest booming economies. The need for Spanish speakers will only grow and it will help you find the best career.


Some will be reading this article in a place where English isn’t the first language. If that’s the case, you could consider sharpening your skills. English is still the default language around the world and all businesses trade in English. You can never be too good! Visit to hone the English language.


It’s no secret that China’s economy is booming. They are now the biggest economic power in the world. Their products and services are extending into Africa, Europe and America. Some of the biggest companies in the world are now Chinese. With that comes the desperate need for Mandarin linguists in the West. There is a serious lack of Mandarin speakers and a huge demand. If you’re looking for a new language, this could be the right choice.


Arabic is the native language of over 20 countries. It is also officially recognised in the USA and Britain, two of the world’s largest business powers. Much like Mandarin, there is a huge shortage of Arabic speakers and a large demand. Although the growth of the Middle East isn’t quite akin to that of China, it is still booming. This looks set to continue into the future as Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia grow economically.

Sign Language

This is one that you may not have considered but it is vital in every country around the world. Sign language experts are highly sought after and richly rewarded. This skill looks very attractive to employers.

In the end, it doesn’t always matter exactly which language you choose. A language skill is appealing to employers no matter what language it is. It shows that you have drive, ambition and cultural awareness. It also proves that you are willing to learn new skills and develop. Choose a language you feel drawn to, and start learning the basics.

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