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5 Careers You Haven’t Thought of Yet

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about certain jobs becoming obsolete and careers on the rise today that wouldn’t have been possible in times gone by. But it can be difficult to predict where the next boom will be and what type of specialities you should start aiming for. Below you’ll find a list of five potential career paths for you to consider that may not even be on your radar yet.


1. Digital Currency Bankers and Brokers

Alternative currencies like Bitcoin haven’t really hit mainstream yet, though there have been some high profile cases of people striking it rich in the digital money takes. There are also a plethora of online banks that deal with real money (think ING and PayPal). If you are considering a career in banking or financial services, becoming a digital specialist could really pay off for you.

2. Boss of Your Own Telco

Have you ever lamented the range of options available for telecommunications and internet businesses? Have you considered launching your own telco but shied away from potentially hefty infrastructure and start-up costs? With the advent of wholesale service providers like Telcoinabox in recent times, starting your own phone or data company could be easier (and cheaper) than you think.

3. App Converters

While there is almost certainly an app for nearly everything you can think of, mobile specialists believe we are only just starting to uncover exactly what apps are capable of. As app usage and development continues to grow, there will likely be demand for people who specialise in how to successfully convert established products and services like books into app technology.

4. Data Release Specialists

With so much of our work being done digitally nowadays, there are some serious risks for businesses who don’t have proper measures in place to protect their intellectual property and sensitive information. Being able to successfully wrangle data that’s being held hostage by hackers or disgruntled stakeholders is going to continue to be an in-demand service well into the future.

5. Education Dismantlers

This one is a little far off being in high demand, but education (particularly tertiary providers like universities) are going to continue to undergo rapid and dramatic changes in the years to come. Online correspondence classes and podcasts are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the change that the industry will experience and traditional education providers are going to need help to adapt and rework their service offering.

More than ever, people are choosing to experience multiple careers in their lifetime so don’t despair if any of these potential professions appeal to you but aren’t recruiting yet. Staying up to date with technology and advancements and being able to predict changes in your current or potential future industries is crucial to ensuring that your skills and abilities stay relevant and transferrable into the future.

Which of these lesser known career paths appeals most to you? Can you think of any other ways that people are making money that didn’t previously exist?

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