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5 Careers Everyone Wants But Few People Achieve


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When it comes to choosing a career path, you’ll definitely want to spend a lot of time looking at all the options available to you. No matter what your best personal qualities or skills may be, there’s always something out there that would be perfect. Unfortunately, the very best jobs are usually taken by other people, and so they don’t tend to come back on the market very often. Even so, if you see any positions advertised that are similar to the ones mentioned in this article, I advise you to dust down that CV and apply immediately. Careers like this only come around once in a blue moon, so you definitely want to pounce quickly if you’re given the opportunity to become a candidate.

1. Brewery Manager

Are there any people who wouldn’t want to work in a brewery? I thought not. Although you obviously won’t be allowed to spend all day drinking, just being involved with the industry at this level is an attractive prospect. Your main duties would be to oversee the production of whichever alcoholic drink the company makes, whilst dealing with staff issues and ordering sanitary mixers and such. You could even go one step further and try to find work in a distillery that makes high quality whiskey, but only the most talented and knowledgeable individuals would make it that far.

2. Astronaut

NASA aren’t sending that many people into space at the moment, so you could well have to head over to Russia and knock on their national space agency’s door. Also, you’ll need to have some pretty impressive qualifications to find work anywhere in this field. Even so, there are constant missions to the edge of space, and to the international space station. On top of this, there are currently around 1,000 people in the world who can refer to themselves as astronauts, so it’s certainly not impossible to gain a career in this industry.

3. Penguinologist

Humans still haven’t learned everything about this astonishing animal, and so there are a number of people who’re spending their entire working life researching their physical, and mental capabilities. We all saw that film “March of the Penguins” a few years ago, right? Well then, how cool would it be to spend your days amongst these fascinating creatures? Obviously, you’re going to need some kind of expertise or scientific qualifications, but if you have them already, this could be a pretty amazing way to get out of the lab more.

4. Jester

Admittedly, this job probably doesn’t require you to spend years at university, but it does offer a whole range of interesting benefits. I know what you’re thinking, but yes, there are still professional jesters at work in the UK. In fact, more than 30 full time jesters are currently registered, and many of them work at historic sites owned by the British Royal Family entertaining tourists.

5. Waterslide Tester

First Choice announced last year that they were looking for a new waterslide tester, as their old one had decided to hang up his trunks. The international media ran stories calling it “the best of job in the world”, and I think perhaps they were right. The lucky applicant would get to travel to some of the most luxurious holiday locations on the planet to try out the waterslide – and they would get paid for it! I’m not 100% certain how often careers like this present themselves, but when they do, you have to grab the bull by the horns.

So there you go my friends. Now you know about some of the most desirable careers in the world, I hope you’ll be more inclined to aim a little higher in future and find employment in a role equally as exciting and enjoyable.

Have fun!


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