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5 Career Ideas for Creative People

Creative people are often unsuited to a boring nine to five office job. They can’t stand working the same hours every day, performing the same tasks. Having a job that lets your creative juices flow is the dream of many people who thrive on imagination and artistic emotion. You may think of creative jobs and think of jobs that don’t pay. But being an artist isn’t all about working a dead-end job while you struggle to maintain your craft on the side. These five career ideas for creative people don’t require you to be a starving artist.

1. Photographer


Image courtesy of Flickr

When most people think about photography, they probably think of playing with their camera and taking a few shots of their friends. But there’s a lot that goes into photography, and it can take a lifetime to master the craft. Professional photographers can work in any number of fields. Some freelance photographers might take photos at people’s weddings or special events. Other photographers set up their own studios, where people can hire them for photo sessions. Another option is working for magazines in travel, fashion, sports – just about anything. You can work as a freelancer or get a permanent job. And there’s nothing to stop you trying to get your art shown in galleries either.

2. Writer


Ritesh Nayak

The penniless writer working on a novel for their entire life is the epitome of starving artist stereotypes. But writing isn’t all about penning novels and poems. Writers are needed across hundreds of industries in different roles. Copywriters, for example, write copy for advertisements. Technical writers might write instruction manuals or highly technical articles in a specialised field. Much writing work is for the internet now, where writers can find jobs writing for blogs and websites. There’s also editing and proofreading, for writers with a good eye for detail.

3. Graphic Designer


University of Salford

Visual artists who are also comfortable with technology should look to graphic design. It’s not all about drawing pretty pictures, but having an eye for composition too. You could work in typography or user interface design, as well as a number of other skills. Graphic designers use a range of tools, from pencil and paper to sophisticated drawing tablets.

4. Video Producer


Bob Bekian

If you’re a visual artist but more into moving pictures than static ones, video production could be for you. With the right skills, you could go from creating Youtube videos in your bedroom to working in Las Vegas Video Production. You’ll need to feel comfortable with computers and all things technological. The role could involve everything from developing a concept, right down to editing the final image and sound of a video.

5. Video Game Developer


Matt Chan

Artists who like to game can prove to their parents that it’s not a waste of time. Video games are a big business, and there are several areas of game development you can work in. From very technical programmers to more arty designers, video game development gives you plenty of space to stretch your creative wings.


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