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4 Engineering Careers You Should Definitely Consider In 2014


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When you’ve just left university after obtaining a top degree in engineering, it will be time to start thinking about all the employment options open to you. You probably want to avoid all the standard solutions, as hundreds of other qualified people will be applying for the same roles, and this means your chance of success is significantly decreased. No, you want to try something nobody else has even thought of. Something guaranteed to leave you fulfilled every single day of your working life. And this is why it’s vital you pay attention to the four suggestions made in this article.

After much research, I’ve determined the four jobs listed are probably some of the best engineering roles out there. Don’t get me wrong, they won’t be suitable for everyone, but presuming you’ve got an open mind and you’re not too bothered about working really hard when it’s requires, they could be perfect. So, give me your full attention as I relay information that could change your life for the better, for good.

1 – Structural Engineering

If you have an interest in how things are put together (which you probably have being as you’ve just completed an engineering degree), then opting to find work with one of the UK’s main structural engineering companies might be ideal. Whether you’re working on buildings, bridges or anything else exciting, your days will never be repetitive, and you should always find new and interesting challenges.

2 – Armed Forces

The royal engineers is one of the largest and best trained brigades in the British armed forces, and so long as you’re willing to undergo the military training involved, the day to day realities of this job could provide you with all the fun and excitement you’ll ever need. Obviously, you want to avoid being deployed in a warzone, but on the plus side; engineers rarely do much fighting. You could specialise in pipeline supplies or anything that takes your fancy.

3 – Demolition Expert

Most people think engineering only teaches them how to create things, but it also teaches them how to destroy them. These days, the buildings we throw up are far too large and sturdy to take down brick by brick, which is why demolition experts are called in. However, you have to understand how a building was made to work out how to bring it down safely, and this is something your skills are perfect for.

4 – Airplane Design

There are very few jobs ever available at places like B.A Systems, but they do come up occasionally, so you should bookmark every airplane manufacturers website you encounter while browsing the net. Generally, this is one of the best paid positions an engineer can have anywhere in the world, so thank your lucky stars you’ve heard about it here.

Well, unfortunately, I’ve got to head off now and give some career advice at my local school. Hopefully, the kids there will be just as enthusiastic as you were about going to university and giving themselves the best start in life.


Good luck with your job search!


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