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4 of the Best Jobs For Those That Love to Drive

For many, the thought of being stuck behind a desk is not something that they relish. They want to be out, on the open road, testing their need for speed (in a legal and professional way, of course!). Driving and being out on the road presents many fun and diverse working days. Typically, this job is done in isolation. So, if you are not something of a people person and you want a varied work life, driving could be the right route for you.

But, what careers can you find in the world of driving?

Here is our round-up of four of the best jobs for those that love to be behind the wheel.

Job 1: Chauffeur

If you love people and you want to drive a fantastic car and get paid for it, a career as a chauffeur could be what you need. Chauffeur jobs are relatively easy to come by. But, you need to ensure that you are smart, professional and have a keen knack for customer service. As a chauffeur, you will be expected to have a clean driving license and an impeccable manner. Jobs in this area of driving can command a salary of £1000 per week on a freelance, or contract, basis.

Job 2: Haulage Driver

Haulage drivers come in many different forms. Everyone has heard about ice road trucking. But, the life of a haulage driver can be lonely. For long distance haulage drivers, particularly ice road truckers, or long distance lorry drivers, they can be on the road for months on end. However, this is the most lucrative area of driving. An ice road trucker, or a chemical haulage driver, can earn in excess of £120,000 every contract.

As such, this can ensure that you live a very comfortable lifestyle. It’s a small amount of compensation for putting your life in danger!  Short distance truck driving, however, does not command such a salary. You can earn a respectable, but not life changing, £1000 PCM by doing this job. You will need an advanced HGV license to operate trucks of this stature. And, as with all driving jobs, a clean bill of driving health is required.

Thomas Anderson

 Job 3: Test Driver

Imagine being paid for driving the new Lamborghini? Well, some people are paid! Test driving luxury brand cars is a very real job. But, there are limited vacancies within this dream role. Only 50 jobs come up every few years. As such, this highly competitive market can seem borderline impossible to break into. It may be wise to have a backup plan until you get into this industry.

Job 4: Medical Supply Delivery

Medical supplies are needed in all walks of life. From delivering medications to the elderly as part of community health care to providing provisions in hospitals around the country. If you want to cut your teeth on the medical industry, it’s important that you seek out an entry level job within medical supply delivery. The NHS often gives secondments to its entry-level employees, thus enabling their careers to develop.

There is nothing like the freedom of getting behind the wheel. What’s more, you can get paid for it too! What could be better than that?

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