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4 Alternative and Easy Business Ideas You Can Do From Home

A career change is a scary and often risky prospect. In today’s economic climate, quitting a full time job to start a business from home can seem like a huge financial gamble.  It can be seemingly easy should you take the time to think about what you want to do and how you can make it profitable.

Start with compiling a list:

  • What are your strengths

  • What are your weaknesses

  • What are you passionate about

  • Where do your key skills lie

  • What experience can you draw on from your previous roles

  • What experiences from previous workplaces, and businesses, can you take into your new venture


The list is not infinite, but should be a good starting block for starting a new business from home. Bear in mind, you do not have to quit the day job in order to start a successful business from your home. You can always start a part-time venture, should you not be ready to take a big risk to go it alone. While you may feel that you are putting in a lot of hours (as well as reaping the financial rewards) you will also get a sense of achievement from what you have started.

Moreover, should you feel that your venture is not working your favour; you can cut your losses much more effectively and not have to worry about the financial impact.

Should you want a career change, or feel that you want to get out of a work rut, take a look at this list of four alternative businesses that you can start from home:


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  1. Antiques Collectibles and Dealing

While you may not consider yourself to be the next David Dickenson, antiques dealing can be an extremely profitable business should you know what you are looking for. With plenty of information readily available on the internet, as well as in print, there has never been a better time to scour charity shops or car-boot sales in order to boost your earnings. While this trade might seem a past time for the more mature person, the rise of eBay has made antiques trading much more accessible.

   2.House Cleaning

This may not be the most glamorous of pursuits, but put simply, with the right motivation you can earn some serious cash. Consider turning house cleaning into a franchise. It has proved very successful, and ultimately profitable, for many, as well as having the benefit of being your own boss. Take a look at the Chicago cleaning service for inspiration.

  3. Wedding Planning

If your dream if to plan a wedding, and for someone else to cover the cost, and then consider starting a wedding planning business. Weddings are big business, and continue to be so year on year. The great thing is, is that you need very little start up costs and the profits (as well as the job satisfaction, ) can be huge.

   4. Website Design

In an increasingly technological age, website design has never been a better field to get into. If you consider yourself to have excellent design skills, then this is something to seriously consider. Every company has a website, why not tap into that resource and offer this as a service.

While the list may seem a little quirky, and less mainstream, than some business ideas, they are incredibly profitable. Should you have a canny knack for numbers and business, you can turn your quirky, alternative business dream into a profitable reality.

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