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A Guide to Voice Acting



If someone has ever told you that your voice is great, you should think of making use of it to earn some money. You can become a singer, an announcer, or a voice over actor. Voice over simply means adding your voice to a video or a message. It can be very lucrative.

The Requirements

In the world of commercial voice over, there are all kinds of voices needed. For instance, they require whiny voices, flat voices, average voices, and even gravely voices. Thus, you do not need to have any specific type of voice; all that is needed is a passion for it. Besides that, you do not need to be an English voice over actor. If you speak any other language, such as French, that is an added advantage.

You Need to Have a Demo

The demo should be a short audio recording that you use to tell people about your talent. For instance, if you can do a great female voice over, you should include that. Additionally, you do not have to do a British voice over if you live in the UK. You can make a demo with you speaking in a different accent. It increases the opportunities you have for finding work.

It Will Take Some Practice

Some people may mistakenly think that just because they have a great English voice, they only need to visit a studio and work will start rolling in. That does not work in most cases. You will need to work with a voice over coach if you want to excel. Such a coach will help you to find the sweet spot where you sound the best. When you do, you will need to practice on how to become a great female voice over. Without practice, you may not make any meaningful amount of money.

You Need to Be Good at Technology

The world of voice-over acting today requires a lot of technology. While you do not need to be a guru at technology, you will need to understand how the technology works. With such knowledge, you can be able to use your natural talent by incorporating technology. One way you can grow your knowledge on British voice over technology is to hire the services of a reputable company. You could also check to see if your local recording studio offers training on how to use recording equipment.

You Need to Have Good Business Skills

Your voice is your product. It is no different than running any other type of business. You will need to be able to negotiate for goods terms of work. Besides that, you will need to know how to market your product to the right people. In most cases, you will need to have a great online presence. The internet is the cheapest and most convenient way for voice over actors to market their skills. You may probably have to take some business management lessons if you want your business to grow and become profitable.