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A Career in Forex: How to Get Started

For those looking to make money, forex can seem an unlikely helpmate. Widely misunderstood, its high risks and volatile markets are often cited as reasons to avoid it at all costs.

Yet for those willing to do their research and devote some time to it, the foreign exchange can actually prove a fantastic source of income. Offering dazzling opportunities to turn a profit, its diversity and complexity means that it can cater to all sorts of prospective traders, irrespective of their level of experience, approach to risk, or budget.

The first step for any aspiring broker is to choose a suitable currency pair. There are hundreds of combinations to choose from, ranging from the popular to the exotic, and each of them will suit different traders to varying degrees. Although it is impossible to provide aspiring traders with a set formula for success, a good place to start is often with one or two of the ‘four majors’: the euro/US dollar, pound/US dollar, Swiss franc/US dollar, and Japanese yen/US dollar pairings. With a wealth of information available on them, they’re easy to research, and usually prove to be an ideal choice for those looking to learn the ropes.

Your next step should be to find a broker that offers your currency combinations. You’ll find that there are three generic types of service available: execution-only, advisory, and discretionary. These options provide varying levels of support to traders, and this means that some will be better suited to novices than others. As a rule, discretionary brokers, although expensive, are ideal for those short on time or experience. However, advisory brokers can also be a good option for those with a limited budget.

Once you’ve settled on a broker, it’s time to choose a trading platform. Most brokerage firms will offer multiple options to pick from, and it’s imperative that you find one that fits you down to a tee. As the foreign exchange has no central trading arena, this technology will act as your conduit to the markets, so it absolutely must be easy to use, provide the tools that you need, and supply you with the type of data that you require. Most brokers will offer demo accounts for you to trial these options, so take advantage of this to find the perfect fit for you.

Follow these simple steps and watch those single figures soar: start trading today with a broker like FxPro.

Becoming an EFL Teacher

globe at school

An English as a Foreign Language (EFL) helps pupils learn English as a language and about British culture. If you love travel, meeting new people from different cultures and countries, and you want to teach, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

The Work

An EFL teacher does much the same work as any other teacher. You’re expected to create and teach lesson plans, produce learning resources, set tests and exercises and mark them, and be involved in social and cultural activities. All of this is the same as teaching in the UK, except you will be in a foreign country teaching English to those whose first language is not English. They may be learning English for a wide variety of reasons, from preparing for an exam to preparing for life in the UK.

There are a variety of places that you can work. Most EFL teachers are based abroad for contracts between nine months and two years, though some work in commercial language schools in the UK.

What You Need

To teach English, you will need an excellent standard of English yourself, perhaps with a qualification in the area. Linguistics, modern foreign languages and education studies can be useful in this area.

For some jobs you may need a TEFL qualification though not all. The most widely-recognised TEFL qualifications are Trinity TESOL (Trinity College London Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). They are both aimed at adults and are relatively short courses. It does give you the skills that you need to teach effectively and is likely to improve your chances of finding work.

After this qualification, there are further qualifications that you can achieve to further develop your skills in teaching and working with children. If you wish to teach English for specific areas, you can take courses in business English training and teaching English with technology.

Setting Up on Your Own

If you have taught English as a foreign language and you want to set a business on your own, a great option could be joining a franchise. Linguaphone Group, for example has an extensive network of franchisees around the world, offering children’s and adults’ English language services. It is a great way to develop your skills in teaching and in business, though it may not be for everyone.

5 Tips for Hiring the Best Candidate

Recruitment processes can be difficult and stressful for a business and harrowing for candidates. It can be hard to know and measure whether a particular candidate is the right person for a role you have available – now and in the longer term.

Contemporary work environments require flexibility, adaptability and sound business knowledge. Ascertaining that a candidate is the right fit is complex, and as business development and leadership specialists such as those at Predictable Success know, even when a candidate has the desired qualifications, they need to be fast and enthusiastic learners with a flexible approach.

Here are five tips for determining if you have found the right candidate.

1. They Are Adaptive to Change

The best candidates will give you specific, concrete examples of times when they have grown and evolved in response to changes in their previous workplaces. Because the economy is so volatile and unpredictable, capacity and confidence to assume new roles and adapt to new ways of thinking is imperative in so many industries and workplaces.

2. They Ask Insightful, Analytical Questions

In an interview situation, it’s possible to gauge what the candidate has interpreted and understood about your business. If they ask you questions that are insightful and thoughtful (as well as questions that show they have listened carefully to what you have said and processed the information accurately), you will be able to learn much about how they think and their potential to fit with your business.

3. They Display Curiosity and an Eagerness to Learn

The best candidates are eager to know more. They want to ask many questions and are just as interested in what is uncertain as they are in what is known for sure. It is important that employees are curious, inquisitive and thoughtful learners; when these qualities are evident in a candidate, it is definitely a good sign.

4. They Are a Team Player

The competitive nature of contemporary business means that staff must be effective collaborators who are able to work cooperatively and support the work of teams and groups. Be mindful of hiring someone who is so self-assured and self-directed that they find it impossible to collaborate with others. You need to seek a candidate who sees value in collaborative working practices and diversity. Added to this, strong interpersonal skills are important.

5. They Are Genuinely Committed to People and Relationships

To create and foster a workplace in which people are positive and enthusiastic, you must seek candidates that exude these qualities. Look for people who affirm others and are aware of how their interactions and behaviours impact other people. When people are genuinely enthusiastic, they tend to inspire these feelings in others and their positive energy and productivity is infectious. Gauge whether you feel this when interacting with a prospective employee.

Hiring the best candidates is not always easy. Taking on new staff is an important decision and it can be challenging to know whether a candidate is the best fit for your business and team now and into the future. Fortunately, the aforementioned tips can be used to help you hire the best candidate.

How to Start a Taxi Firm

Starting up a taxi business can seem like a relatively simple process at first, all you need is a car and a few customers right? In fact there is a bit more to it than that, especially if you have grand ambitions to turn it into a full-time, by the book, profit making venture.

Taxis are one service which every city requires so there is never likely to be no demand whatsoever. For this reason it can be an appealing business to set up. It will require plenty of research and working some unsociable hours but the rewards can be worth it.

Choose a Good Location

Research the existing competition in your area before deciding where to set up base for your new taxi business. If there is one particular region lacking a taxi firm nearby but with a large population then consider it. Think about whether there is a demand for taxis in the area. Look up the number of drivers the competition have to get an idea and what they provide. You will need to stand out so offering special discounts or larger vehicles could be one way to do this.

Apply For Licences and Insurance

Contact the council covering the area where you set up your taxi firm for information about operating rules, as they change from council to council. Commercial driver’s licenses are essential for anyone driving your taxis and it is important to register all vehicles properly. Whether public or private hire, taxis run more of a risk so taking out specialist taxi insurance is a legality for keeping your back covered.

Hire Employees

Due to the expensive insurance costs it is a good idea to only hire drivers over the age of 25. You will need to do background checks that they’ve held their EU licence for over 12 months too. Hiring a few people to man the phones is important, so at least two people can work during busy periods and there’s room to have two days off a week each.


When everything else is set up it’s time to spread the word about this great new taxi service that’s in the area. Creating social media pages and a website is incredibly cheap, while having someone develop an app is a must in the current taxi climate. Advertise locally too, in newspapers and magazines as well as the traditional leaflet method. This will soon have people trying your service and (hopefully) spreading good word about it.

Careers in the casino industry


by  Roger Schultz 

Around the world, casinos are becoming more and more popular and new casinos are being built all the time. This is one area that is responsible for creating lots of jobs, and for career minded individuals it’s a source of employment that’s often overlooked. So, what kind of career options does the casino world offer? Plenty, it turns out. Here are just some of them.

Travel, or telecommute?

When you think of working at a casino you automatically picture your nearest city centre casino. But did you know that cruise ships also have casinos? And that some casinos have branches all over the world? This is one career you can certainly travel with if you want to. On the other hand, if you are a parent, or you’re juggling work with your studies then you might be pleased to know that there are, in fact, plenty of online casino companies needing virtual staff too. Chat hosts for online bingo, for example, create a sense of community for online players and answer their questions.


Becoming a trained dealer means you could work at the tables of any of the casinos that take your fancy around the world. You will need to know your games inside out and have an excellent sense of customer service, manning the tables and making sure players enjoy the experience. After some time there is also the potential to work your way up to a supervisory level.

Hosting and customer services

With lots of emphasis placed on the experience of the customer, casinos need staff with great people skills to act as hosts and customer service agents. These people act as a point of contact for the players and generally make sure everyone enjoys the casino.

Bar and waiting staff

Most casinos provide food and beverages for their guests, so naturally there will be opportunities for anyone who wants a career in hospitality. A lot of casinos are famed for their good food and have top chefs cooking for them too.


Business careers can also be found in casinos. Needless to say, casinos need excellent finance professionals to process all the cash-flow that a busy casino experiences. If you are considering a career in finance, the casino industry is one place where you will always be in high demand.


Most major casinos have marketing teams who work on advertising the casino, it’s features and events. For example, there might be special performances to promote, a celebrity chef, or even just a new game on offer. If you’d like a career in marketing, don’t overlook the opportunities at casinos; they could turn out to be exciting.

Human resources

Since casinos employ many different types of staff, a job in human resources for a casino is bound to be an interesting one. HR teams will have the opportunity to recruit, train and develop candidates in a range of different areas from gaming to hospitality and even performance. In a casino, no two days are going to be the same so you will need a flexible, can-do attitude. Good luck!

How An Accountant Can Help Your Business

Many business owners misunderstand the role of an accountant and refuse to hire one on the basis that they can’t afford one or justify spending out money for a glorified form filler.  However, they fail to understand that there is much more to the work of an accountant.  If you have considered hiring an accountant for your business in the past but dismissed the idea,then please read on for details on how Birmingham accountants can not only help you save time and money but help your business grow in the process.

Accountants Can Help You Save Time

When it comes to your business,your time is valuable and best spent doing the things you are good at.  It is true that if your business is relatively small, you may be able to complete the forms related to the financial side of things on your own, but how can you be sure you are filling them out properly and within allotted deadlines?


Missing the deadline for sending off important tax documents for the HMRC for instance,  can cost you dearly in fines.  If you do not complete the forms properly to begin with,the best you can hope to happen is that they are sent back to you; while the worst is facing a visit from a tax inspector looking to go through your business’s financial records with a fine tooth comb.

If you hire an accountant to handle this side of your business though, they will not only complete your forms on time but accurately; freeing up your precious time to enable you to concentrate on making money.

Accountants Can Help You Save Money

You may feel as if you have a handle on your work schedule and have time to fill out the forms correctly.  However, just because you can fill them out correctly, doesn’t mean you fill them out in the best way to save you money where possible.  When you hire an accountant, part of their job is to not only fill out things like tax returns but to also make sure your business benefits from each and every legal way it can to minimise its tax bill.

Accountant stay up to date with the ever-evolving tax laws in the country and a good one will always look for ways to use these laws to reduce your tax payments.

Accountants Can Help Your Business To Grow

In addition to helping you with the financial and tax paperwork for your business, an accountant can also be a great source of advice and knowledge when it comes to helping your business to grow.  Making wise managerial and financial decisions in the earlier days of your business can make all he difference further down the line.  Make even just a few mistakes and your business might not have much of a future.

To avoid that happening you can use an accountant as a sounding board.  If they are good at their job they will know as much as you do about your business and will undoubtedly know the financial side inside and out.  Couple that knowledge of your business, the financial industry without an emotional attachment to the company and an accountant could be one of the most valuable members of your team.

Considering that often their advice and input in this regard is more valuable than the form filling and number crunching you may have hired them for; instead of asking yourself if you can afford an accountant, you should be asking yourself if you can afford not to hire one.

Expert Advice For Landing The Best Career

Lots of people are unhappy with their jobs. Indeed, that is why so many of them are looking to switch careers in 2015. We’ve compiled some expert advice that should help to ease the strain. So long as you bear all this guidance in mind, we are convinced your search won’t last too long. Finding the right job will make your life more enjoyable. It will also provide your family with a reliable income source for years to come. So, don’t waste too much time!

It always makes sense to look for a new career that won’t require years of training. For example, the infographic shows you can become an SAP consultant without undertaking a degree course. You just need to find something with specialized training you can perform from home.

You should look for roles that you will find enjoyable. There is no point opting for an accounting job if you are rubbish at mathematics. Likewise, you don’t want to work in care if you are unsociable. Play to your strengths for the best results.

Remember that working for someone else is not the only option. You can always set yourself up as self-employed and go it alone. That means you don’t need to find a new career. You can simply create one. Working for yourself is brilliant for people who want a flexible schedule. If all goes well, you could even become rich. That is because you can take 100% of the profits.

We hope that advice has helped to point you in the right direction. Don’t forget to check out some of the other posts on this blog before you leave us today. We try to publish only the most useful information around.

Need Help Deciding On What Career To Start? Read This

On average, we spend over 40 hours per week at work. This routine can last for 60 years, so it’s imperative to find a job you enjoy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking your first steps into the working world or looking for a more fulfilling challenge. Choosing the right career path is a crucial decision.

No two people are the same, and it would be wrong to suggest one job is perfect for everyone. Our personal circumstances, passions and ideologies will all have an impact. However, there are a few factors that all job seekers should aim for when starting their new career.

The first thing to consider is long-term stability. If you’re serious about looking for a career, the last thing you want is to see it go up in smoke within a couple of years. Looking for an industry that will always be needed is a great first step to take.



Another important factor to consider is the chance for progression. There’s nothing wrong with starting at the bottom and working your way up the career ladder. However, nobody wants to be stuck in a dead end job with no real future prospects.

Additionally, you should be looking for an industry where jobs are plentiful. Versatile jobs in the business sector will always have openings for skilled individuals. For example, accountancy recruiters can help talented individuals find vacancies at all levels.

Possessing a specific skill doesn’t just give you an advantage in that sector, it also underlines your ability to learn.

Moreover, skilled staff are always likely to earn more money over their lifetime. Even if you have to start in a modestly paid job, things will work out in the end. While finance isn’t the most important thing in the world, it is a major aspect of securing job satisfaction.

Feeling happy in your job is another crucial aspect to aim for. We spend far too much time at work to be stuck in a career we can’t stand. If you’re unhappy at work, it can also impact other areas of our life too. While we can’t all be the popstar we dream of, following your passions is a very commendable. If you can turn your hobby into a job, then it will never feel like work.

Satisfaction doesn’t have to come from helping yourself. Some people take great pleasure in helping others. These people could consider a career in health care. This sector isn’t always the best paid, but the emotional rewards will compensate. Besides, the world will always need nurses.



Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Of course, you can always start something else later down the line. However, it would be a shame to put in the effort of learning and working towards a goal that you don’t want.

If you can find happiness at work, your entire life will benefit. Besides, we’d all love the chance to provide a better future for our families. You only get one shot at this life, don’t let it go to waste.


The Benefits of Buying Bottle Gift Bags


If you’re buying someone a bottle of something for a Birthday present, Christmas present, or other special occasion you should certainly consider picking up a gift bag to go with it. There are a wide selection on offer, so you’ll be able to find one which suits both the drink and the person. Here’s why bottle gift bags are always worth the money.

They Show You Care

Of course, buying any present will show that you care, but it’s worth making sure that the details are right if you’re really going to let someone know they’re special. Giving a bottle of wine might be nice, but it feels so much better to receive in its own gift bag because it lets you know that the giver has gone out of their way to make everything perfect.

They Protect the Bottle

From the cheapest plonk to the rarest of bubbly, each bottle has one thing in common: it’s very easy to break. Glass is glass, and dropping a bottle will mean that you’ll be cleaning up the pieces when you should have been enjoying a drink. Bottle bags are shaped perfectly to ensure that the bottle doesn’t fall out, and they are made with strong rope handles to accommodate the weight.

They’re Easy to Reuse

Unlike wrapping paper – which is difficult to use on a bottle in any case – gift bags don’t need to be torn apart in order for a person to gain access to their present. You still retain the surprise of having the bottle itself undercover, but the bag itself can be saved. This means that the person you gave the bottle to will be able to keep it for a future occasion instead of having to send it to landfill.

They’re Convenient

As gift bags for bottles become more widely used, many off-licenses and wine shops are starting to stock them right at the counter. This means that customers no longer need to go to two places for bottle and bag. In fact, buying a gift bag is just as convenient as buying the bottle itself – you only need to ask for one at the counter.


How To Become A Freelance Business Consultant


Link for image

Would you like to make your living by informing business owners of their mistakes? Do you love the idea of working on a freelance basis? Then becoming a business consultant could be the perfect solution to your employment issues. Today, we’re going to describe the path you need to take to become successful. There is lots of competition in the marketplace, and so you need to carve out a good reputation. We’ll do our best to keep everything organized into steps to avoid any confusion. In truth, there are lots of different ways in which you could prepare yourself for such a role. We’re just going to list the most straightforward route.

  • Get a degree in business

First thing’s first. You’re going to need a degree in business if you want people to take you seriously. It doesn’t matter too much which areas on which you focus. You just need official qualifications to say that you know what you are doing. The area in which the subject covers will become your speciality. So, make sure you select something that interests you. Accounting and marketing are always top choices. However, broader business courses could be suitable in this instance.

  • Start a small company

Experience is key when you are trying to convince people of your expertise. So, you need to start a simple company as soon as possible. Your goal is not to take the business world by storm. Instead, you will use the company as a platform for showing clients your abilities. It is critical that you take the firm from humble beginnings to success quickly. After that, there is no reason you can’t sell the brand. Just make sure you keep accurate records. You can use those to promote yourself to business clients in the future.

  • Get friendly with modern business technology

To properly assess external businesses and offer advice, you will need access to lots of information. Business intelligence software can become a critical tool. It will allow you to look at many different aspects of a company and utilize all the most relevant information. Tableau training is vital for all professionals working in this industry. So, it’s vital that you learn how to use it as soon as possible. Your clients will expect you to backup your suggestions and ideas with evidence. Tableau and other software can help you to do that.

  • Advertise your services

Ideally, your first few clients will come from contacts you have in the business world. However, you need to advertise your services to make a good living. It’s always wise to start by using freelancing websites. Once you have a long list of satisfied clients, you can build a website. Once that is completed, you can pay for banner advertising online. It also makes sense for your to contact business owners directly. Your target market is made up of small and new companies. Large firms will employ in-house experts.

Now you know how to become a freelance business consultant, there should be nothing stopping you from getting started. Feel free to let us know how you get on with the idea. We’d love to hear from someone who read this article and turned their life around. You have our full backing, and we hope to see you making millions in the future.